What Does Symbolism mean to you in tattoos?

Tiger Tattoo Design

Tiger Tattoo Design

Good Morning from here in the UK!

It’s still chilly and I can’t remember an Easter weekend being quite so cold, I really thought by now that walking the dog in the morning would be a lot warmer.

I was thinking over the weekend about what tattoo I should get next and wondered if it should mean something to me or if it should just be a great design? Hmmmmmmmm

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Because I got married last year I really want something to represent family so while having a look around I found the following article by Emily Kato……………..

Choosing a Japanese symbol for a tattoo design can be a difficult decision. There are so many characters to choose from, it is worth taking the time to research and understand all of the options. There are a number of tattoo designs that are ever popular, including the Japanese symbol for family. Read on to find out more about this popular tattoo design.

The Japanese symbol for family is usually written in Kanji. There are three alphabets in Japanese, called hiragana, katakana and kanji. Most tattoo design will either …………. you can read the rest of this article by Clicking Here Now!

I found this artcile really interesting as I love Japanese style tattoos, in fact my upper right arm has a Dragon (the sign of the protector) and a Tiger (the sign of strength and courage) both shaped as if chasing each other and therefore making the sign ying-yang!

Dragon Tattoos

So I’m now searching for my next tattoo and I guess the answer to the earlier question is….. Yes, my tattoos do have to mean something to me – do yours? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this so click the little speech bubble at the top right of this post to leave me a comment!

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