Can Tattoos be classed as a culture?

Hi all and welcome along to Music2Tattoos! and today I wanted to ask your thoughts on a question that has been running through my mind for a while now……………………….

Can tattoos (and those that have them) be classed as a culture?


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The tattoo industry has grown beyond measure with the demand for tattoos becoming one of the few growing industries it seems that it has become so large that it could almost be considered a culture of its own. When you put a group people together who have tattoos they tend to start talking about them, where and when they got them, who their artist is etc etc etc.

This community conversational feel to tattoos can even breakdown social devides as anyone can get tattoos and for any reason they choose. I’ve had many a conversation with people I don’t know about their and my ink work and I’ve thrown business towards my artist on may ocassions and I’ve been recommended to others.

So I wanted to open up the forum to you guys, what do you think? Can tattoos be classed as a culture?

Add your thoughts by clicking the little speech bubble to the top right of this post and leave me your thoughts, who will be the first to comment and put their thoughts forward?


If you want to get involved in a great community that are focussed around tattoos and the tattoo culture then Tattoo Me Now is the place to be – I love being involved; you will too!


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Are your tattoos an expression of who you are?

Hi there and welcome again to Music2Tattoos!

While I was walking my dog Rocket the other day a guy walked past me with both arms fully sleeved in tattoos and I wondered if people judged him for that. It is still a sad fact in this day and age that people can, and do, get judged for having tattoos. It is not as prevelant these days as it once was and yet it can still happen.


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I recently read this excellent article by Lance Winslow………………………………………..

Most folks that understand the negative stigma amongst some in our population towards those who have tattoos, and then when we think about it, it’s almost as if we want to step in and remind them that they are people too and it is not wise to be so judgmental. Not long ago, a psychologist and I sat down at Starbucks and had a conversation about this. Interestingly enough, even those with …………………. to read the rest of this article CLICK HERE!

In my opinion some people want to be judged for their tattoos, some people go out of their way to show them off and to stick them in peoples faces and say ‘look at me’. However that should not reflect on those of us who have tattoos for our own reasons. Whatever your reason for your tattoos I hope you are never judged for them!
By the way, the guy I was talking about earlier who had both arms sleeved was a really nice guy! I stopped him and asked about his ink; it turns out that he has one arm dedicated to his son and the other to his daughter!
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Where do you get your inspiration for your tattoos?

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I always ask people where they get their inspiration for their tattoos and the answers are always very mixed.

Some people take weeks or even months to decide on an idea, they ponder over 4 or 5 ideas that they struggle to choose between. Other people make a decision in a snap; they know what they want and how it’s going to look striaght away. But the one thing most people share is that they use the internet to find the design they want.

Personally I found my very first tattoo from a website of a band I like, Buckcherry! I am one of those people that take ages to finalise an idea; I like to look at loads of pictures and whittle them down to a few ideas before making my final decision (and that usually changes as well!!)

From there on each tattoo has had a meaning to me; while some people just want the artwork and some people want them to have a reason……. that’s me, I want a reason behind my tattoos!

What about you? I’d love to know what your inspiration is for your tattoos and where you get your ideas from. Drop a comment in the box below and maybe we can get a discussion going.

Free Tattoo Designs - Pictures of Tattoos

Free Tattoo Designs – Pictures of Tattoos

If you’re a regular reader of my blog then you’ll know that I managed to secure a free ebook of tattoo ideas to give away. However, if you are new here you’ll have missed it so I’ve added a link below so that you can see the post and download a copy of the Free Ebook for yourself.

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Hopefully you’ll find what you’re looking for in there but if you don’t I’ve added a few links below of useful sites that may just be what you are looking for.

Click the links below to head straight to the site now and see whats there for you!

Miami Ink Tattoos

LA Ink Tattoos

Chopper Tattoos


I hope they help and that you get your inspiration for your ink really soon!

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Tattoo Design Site Review

Hi there and welcome to the latest installment from Music2Tattoos!

It’s Graham here and today I thought I’d review a few tattoo design sites so that you can make an informed decision on which one is best for you! If you want ideas for tattoos, pics of tattoos or free tattoo designs then this is the right place for you!

The three sites I’ll be reviewing today are:

I’ve been away for a week, recharging my batteries and enjoying time with my family and while I was relaxing I caught myself looking down at the artwork I have on my arms. I couldn’t help but think……. I need some new ink, I need a new tattoo. That is what has led me to writing this review for you as I’ve been activley looking for a new design and I know thousands of people out there are doing the same.


Whatever tattoo design you are in to it’s always important to research a new design as much as possible so that you’re certain you’ve got the right one!

So let’s get on with the first review……………………

Tattoo Me Now (Click Here to visit the site)

I have to be honest I love this site and I’ve been a member of it for ages!

This site offers so much that most Tattoo Design Sites don’t offer; not only are there tens of thousands of awesome tattoo designs but there is also a community, a forum, with thousands of people on it.

One minute you can be chatting to someone about their latest ink and the next you can be chatting to an awesome artist who might just help you come up with your latest design! The people on there share a commonality – a love for everything tattoo!

This site really does deserve a FIVE STAR rating and is well worth a visit – even if you are just looking for your next design! Click the link above and have a look now!

Tiger Tattoo Design

Tiger Tattoo Design

Infinite Tattoos (Click Here to head straight to the site now)

Infinite Tattoos has recently been redesigned and re-released which has made a huge improvement to the site.

It’s always been on OK site………… but that’s all…..OK! However, the new site design and some of the new tattoo designs they have on there make it a real ‘go-to’ site for excellent ink designs.

They have also added a couple of great bonuses to their offer! When you sign up you will recieve

  • 500 free tattoo designs
  • A copy of the Ebook “You and Your Tattoo”

We all love free stuff, right! So it’s well worth a visit over there to see what is on offer for you!

Prior to their redesign I would only have given them 2 stars but now its a really good FOUR STAR site and well worth a visit! Click the link above to head there now!

Josh Todd

Tattoo Director (Click Here to head to this site right now!)

In the interests of fairness I couldn’t really review 3 really good sites so this is a particularly average one!

Tattoo Director is a site that offer software so that you can ‘design your own tattoo’ Now I don’t know about you but I’m not going to trust my next tattoo design to software! I like to go to my artist with an idea and a couple fo pictures and be able to talk it through with him so we can both come up with what I want!

I’ve had a look at the software and if I’m honest it’s quite basic and really doesn’t do much for me but by all means have a look for yourself by clicking the link above. You might just see something in it I don’t!

I’m only giving this a TWO STAR rating as it really isn’t my thing!

So there you go, 3 tattoo design sites for you to have a look at and decide which one is best for you! It’s worth pointing out that all 3 of them give a no questions asked, full money back guarantee so if you try them out and don’t like them you can always get your money back!

That’s it for me for now so until next time,

Remember to Live Life and Have Fun!


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Tattoo Me Now

Infinite Tattoos

Tattoo Director

Free Tattoo Designs EBook

Hi there and welcome along to the Music2Tattoos blog!

Spring has finally sprung in the UK! All of a sudden walking the dog in the mornings is a lot more pleasant than when it was freezing cold!

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If you’re a regular here you’ll know that I try to bring you all the best in Music and Tattoos and today is no exception, in fact today is possibly the best so far! I was looking over a couple of tattoo design websites over the weekend when I noticed that one guy had put together a massive collection of tattoo pictures and tattoo designs that he was giving away just to people who signed up for his newsletter.
I emailed him and told him about my blog and how my readers would love a copy of his EBook for free and that it would be great advertising for his website and his business if I were able to give it away on Music2Tattoos – and do you know what, he agreed!

Free Tattoo Designs - Pictures of Tattoos

Free Tattoo Designs – Pictures of Tattoos

So here it is, your completely free Tattoo pictures / tattoo designs EBook!

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(you may have to wait a few minutes as its a huge file)

Within this EBook are over 100 pages of awesome tattoos that include:
• Tribal Tattoos
• Tattoo Patterns
• Dragon Tattoos
• Tattoo design ideas
• Tattoo designs for men
• Tattoo designs for women

You simply can’t turn down an EBook with Free Tattoo Designs, can you?

Now, if you don’t find what you want in there here are a couple of excellent sites that may have something you want…………………………………

Tattoo Me Now
Tattoo Fever
Tattoo Director
LA Ink Tattoos
Miami Ink Tattoos

So there you have it, go grab your free copy of the EBook and see if you can find your next tattoo design.

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How do you cope with a painful tattoo session?

Hi, it’s Graham here once again at Music2Tattoos!

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Just so you know; I’ve moved my Monday blog to a Tuesday blog so that everyone (including me) can get over the weekends 🙂 SO if you were expecting the post yesterday….. sorry it’s here today!

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Its the first question on everyone’s lips when they go to get their first tattoo – “does it hurt?” and the honest answer is……….. it can do but it is dependent on so many things! So what do you do to cope if you’re having a tattoo and its painful?

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I’ve had tattoos that didn’t hurt (actually I was lulled into a false sense of security because my first ever tattoo didn’t hurt a bit) and I’ve had ones that did hurt (my right upper arm was killing me by the time I’d been sat there 3 ½ hours!). I’ve found my own way to cope with the pain!

Check out this article by John Jason Anderson on the Art of Blocking Out the Pain!

Pain of tattoos varies depending on the person, the place, and sometimes the artist. Some people actually enjoy the sensation, and this could be due to higher levels of serotonin in the brain. The serotonin is a pain blocker that can lead to feelings of euphoria. This chemical reaction can lead to elimination of tattoo pain. Then there are some of us who do not have a high pain tolerance and the pain of a tattoo can be more intense. Then there are parts of the body that are very sensitive. These areas include ……………….. to read the rest of this article Click Here Now!

My own way of coping is to do the following:

• Make sure I’ve had sugar based products before hand – Coke, Chocolate etc (No this isn’t just an excuse to eat chocolate! This keeps your blood sugar levels up which can drop when you’re in pain!)
• I take a bottle of Coke in with me and keep sipping it – again keeping up my blood sugar levels
• I never look at the area while it’s being tattoo’d, focusing on it just focuses the pain
• I chat about anything and everything to the tattoo artist or a friend if one has come with me
• If all else fails I close my eyes and put myself somewhere else, somewhere that I enjoy being – usually up on stage with my band, rocking out!

I’d love to know what you do to cope with the pain, add a comment by clicking the little speech bubble at the top right of this post. It would be great if you’ve got a secret tip that everyone can benefit from! Go on, share the knowledge!

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Other Useful Tattoo Sites

Tattoo Me Now is one of the biggest archives of designs but also has a community of over 60000 people to get involved with

Get Rid Tattoo offers a natural way to remove those unwanted or poor quality tattoos! Got an ex’s name inked on to you that you want rid of? Then this is for you!


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Are Poor Quality or Unwanted Tattoos Ruining Your Skin?

Hi it’s Graham here once again on the Music2Tattoo Blog!

With the lack of Quality Standards Regulation in the tattoo industry it’s tough to find a good artist so when you do find one you should grab hold and keep hold. Unfortunately poor quality tattoos can put people off having more tattoos. But poor quality isn’t the only reason someone might want to get rid of a tattoo!

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Before getting started on this post I just wanted to say thank you for all of the direct messages I got from people after my post on Monday! I passed all of the comments on to my friend who was amazed by so many messages from around the world – thank you all so much!

My first tattoo was poor, I knew what I wanted and I took the design in with me but the artist simply wasn’t an artist! It came out quite poor; when I got home and looked in the mirror I could have cried! But what could I do? I desperately wanted that design on me so I have a choice of getting it lasered and starting again or finding a decent artist who could make it into what I wanted.

But as I said above it’s not just poor quality that drives people to want to get rid of tattoos; check out this article written by Susan Trudeau

Unfortunately, people of a spontaneous nature have a tendency to get tattoos without analyzing their tattoo design choice beforehand. This is most likely to happen with younger people who believe their tastes and passions will not change with age. Those of us who have gone through that phase and have matured to make better decisions in our life, know that you cannot talk some people out of their tendency to be spontaneous.
One of the most common tattoo mistakes is getting…………………. you can read the rest of this article by Clicking Here!

So have you got a tattoo that you want removing? Or maybe you’ve had some ink removed?
Either way I’d love to hear the story behind it so drop a comment on to this blog by clicking the little speech bubble at the top right hand side of this post!

I’m very fortunate because I’ve found an artist here in the UK who is at the top of his game and he did an excellent job of making my tattoo in to what I wanted it to be! He’s also done all of my ink work since and I can’t wait to get booked in to get my next work done – a design heading down my left forearm – check him out on Twitter @ronniegoddard

There is another way of removing or fading an unwanted tattoo so that you can get rid of it for ever or fade it enough to get it properly covered. It doesn’t involve laser treatments or anything harsh and abrasive; it’s completely natural – and guaranteed.
Take a look at Get Rid Tattoo to get more details on just how to remove your tattoo naturally!
There’s plenty of testimonials on there of people who have successfully used the method and more importantly there is a full guarantee! So click through now and see how this product could help you!

Other Useful Sites – here’s a couple of great Tattoo Design Sites so that the next Ink you get is perfect for you!

Tattoo Me Now – Probably the biggest and certainly one of the best with a great community of over 60000 people and artists to get involved with
Chopper Tattoos – Just great designs throughout the site!
Print My Tattoo – Another great design site with a Special Offer $1 intro price!
Tattoo Director – Software that will help you design your own tattoos

So there you have it, another blog post done and dusted! Please make sure you leave your stories in the comments section by clicking the little speech bubble at the top right of the post – you’ve read what I have to say so I’d love to hear what you have to offer!

Until Next Time
Remember to Live Life and Have Fun


P.S. If you have a tattoo that you’d rather not have then make sure you Click Here to head to Get Rid Tattoo right now!

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