Bon Jovi Top of European Tour Charts

Welcome once again to Music2Tattoos, today I want to look at the highest earnings tour chart of which Bon Jovi top the list!

Despite them all being in their fifties, and rifts between Jon and Richie, Bon jovi still manage to top the european polls of tours from a monetary point of view. Also , refreshingly, they have the lowest average ticket price of the top 5 rock tour bands!

Have a read of the article below from

Last month, we noted that there were too few rock artists in Forbes‘ most influential musicians list, which measured success in terms of album sales and social media presence. However, when it comes to tour sales, it seems that rock artists are still the winners.

Pollstar has named Bon Jovi as the most successful tour earner in the past six months, with the band having made $142.1 million in ticket sales. In second place is Bruce Springsteen, with the Rolling Stones rounding out third place.


Yet, while rock acts fill out the top three, established bands such as Eric Clapton, the Who and Neil Young are still being pipped to the post by the pop stars when it comes to live concerts. Those veteran acts, while still selling well, were outsold by Justin Bieber ($69.9m in six months), Pink ($61.1m) and Taylor Swift ($58.5m).


The complete Top 10 Tour Earnings list is:


1. Bon Jovi – $142.1m (ATP*: $95.60)
2. Bruce Springsteen – $103.9m (ATP: $107.19)
3. Rolling Stones – $87.7m (ATP: $346.09)
4. Fleetwood Mac – $59.1m (ATP: $107.80)
5. Paul McCartney – $43.5m (ATP:$129.58)
6. Eric Clapton – $28.4m (ATP: $89.18)
7. Muse – $25.1m (ATP: $56.92)
8. The Who – $23.5m (ATP: $98.36)
9. Neil Young – $19.1m (ATP: $97.88)
10. Dave Matthews – $18.6m (ATP: $55.87)


*Average Ticket Price

As a fan of Rock music it is great to see the highest grossing tour being a rock band but I do look at the list in slight despair as I realsie that only Muse are a relitively ‘young’ band; what is going to happen when the other 9 bands on that list decide to retire who comes next?

Where is the next stadium filling rock band coming from? Where is the next rock band that will last 20, 25 or even 30 years? As a fan of rock music it concerns me that I cannot see anyone coming through the ransk to take on the mantle!


If you think you could be the next to take on mantle and you’re dying to be the next rock god then get to it!

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Bon Jovi – Richie Sambora to Re-Join in September

Hi All and welcome once again to Music2Tattoos! and it appears that after a very public falling out between Singer Jon Bon Jovi and Guitar Player Richie Sambora that they may well be coming back together!


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Isn’t it typical that just as the UK leg of the latest Bon Jovi tour comes to an end that they announce Richie Sambora is re-joining! As a Bon Jovi fan who is a guitarist I couldn’t bring myself to go and see them without Richie playing and now it seems that, after a much extended falling out that they are getting it back together.

Check out this article from


Bon Jovi drama might be finally cooling down as axeman Richie Sambora recently hinted at returning to the ranks of New Jersey rockers.

During a chat with the Sun, Sambora called the entire matter “a family drama” that “will be resolved,” expressing his hopes for a September return.

“I’ll be in Paris with my daughter Ava while the band rocks the UK,” the guitarist said. “But let’s see what happens at the end of summer. September’s looking good. So, maybe September.”


The axeman also confirmed that he will not be performing with the group during the upcoming Hyde Park show in London, confessing he is feeling sad for skipping such a major concert.


“I am not going to be on stage at Hyde Park sadly,” he said. “It’s just not happening right now. I truly want to be there and I feel very sad for the fans that I won’t be performing.”

Sambora continued, “I love the fans, I love the band. Jon and I have been tight for like thirty years, so all of this is very sad and it affects so many people around us.”

According to the previous reports, the guitarist was furious at singer Jon Bon Jovi for basically calling him a replaceable member of the group. As initially reported, Sambora left the band in early April due to “personal issues.”


Personally I hope that they can get back together as I’m hoping they come around again so I can get to see them one more time!!


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Dave Grohl – The Nicest Man in Rock (and probably the most talented!!)

Dave Grohl

Welcome one and all to the Music2Tattoos Thursday Blog!

My first comment today must be regarding Richie Sambora of Bon Jovi who has pulled out of their latest world tour for personal reasons. Now being a massive Bon Jovi fan it would be absolutely gutting to go and see them without Richie in the line-up but he needs to do whatever he feels is best for him and his family!
So from me – Good Luck Richie, whatever it is I hope it is sorted soon!

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Now, onwards with this blog!
I had my MP3 player on shuffle while walking the dog this morning and on came a Nirvana track – Lithium to be exact! I hadn’t heard that track for a while and as I listened I tuned in to the drums and paid attention to the awesome work by a certain Dave Grohl!

Now those in the industry say that Dave Grohl is the nicest man in rock; I cannot argue against that as I’ve never met him but I can certainly put an argument up for him being the most talented man in rock! He changed music with Nirvana as they forwarded the Grunge movement, he’s part of one of the biggest bands in the world in The Foo Fighters, he’s been in numerous ‘Super-Bands’ including Them Crooked Vultures and The Eagles of Death Metal and has guest drummed on albums from some amazing groups!

Check out his Wikipedia page below for more info!

The Foo Fighters

Now I’m a fan of The Foo Fighters but I have to say that I’m more of a fan of Dave Grohl the drummer! Watching him pound away on his kit whether it was with Nirvana or when he stood in with Queens of the Stone Age or even when he took over on the drums for the Foo Fighters while Jimmy Page from Led Zepplin joined them on stage at Wembley!

His drumming style is unique and powerful and my betting is he has inspired thousands to pick up a pair of sticks and beat the hell out of anything that resembles a drum kit!

Can you think of a more talented person in rock? I’d love to hear your thoughts, click the little speech bubble at the top right of this post and drop me a comment!

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Who’s Your Favourite Guitarist? (Yes that old chestnut!)

Hi and welcome to another blog post at Music2Tattoos!

Firstly my apologies for this being a day late, I was so ill yesterday! Feeling a bit better today so thought I’d better get back to it!

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Over the next few weeks I want to talk about something that usually has emotions running high amongst guitarists the world over because everyone has their views – The top 5 guitarists! Now I need to point out at this point that this is a list of my FAVOURITE guitarists not who I consider to be the best! After all your favourites are going to depend on your musical tastes; a heavy metal fan will have a different list to a blues follower!

Before starting my list I thought I’d check out what other people thought and found this great article by Chaz Beers (I so hope that’s his real name) and the guys at Gear Vault………….
It was a dark and rainy night. The courthouse clock struck midnight; a stray dog howled. It was all too beautiful when the staff of Gear Vault convened for their semi-annual secret meeting with the confines of the beloved cinder block chamber they call their “office.” Their agenda? To decide the 20 most important people in guitar…………………. you can see the rest of this article by CLICKING HERE!

Right, on to the first person on my list! You’ll get from my list that I’m a fan of the 80’s / early 90’s rock genre, it was (in my opinion) an awesome time for rock music with some amazing riffs accompanying some fantastic songs! So here goes; they are not in any particular order, just a list of my personal fav’s!


Richie Sambora – Bon Jovi
Yes, I’m a Bon Jovi fan….. Shock horror!! It seems fashionable these days to hate Bon Jovi but to me they created some of the most memorable long lasting rock music that still works today. Richie Sambora was and is still a critical part of that and some of his riffs and solos will be played by aspiring guitarist and cover bands for years to come. The evidence of his talent is proven by the fact that he was asked to play on and be part of the TV movie about Eric Clapton’s life and music.

Who will next weeks be? You’ll have to wait and find out!

Add you’re favourite 5 guitarists into the comments box by clicking the little speech bubble at the top right hand side of this post and I’ll pull together a list from all of your thoughts!

Who inspired (or still inspires) you to play guitar?

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I look forward to reading your comments on your favourite guitarists!