Bon Jovi – Richie Sambora to Re-Join in September

Hi All and welcome once again to Music2Tattoos! and it appears that after a very public falling out between Singer Jon Bon Jovi and Guitar Player Richie Sambora that they may well be coming back together!


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Isn’t it typical that just as the UK leg of the latest Bon Jovi tour comes to an end that they announce Richie Sambora is re-joining! As a Bon Jovi fan who is a guitarist I couldn’t bring myself to go and see them without Richie playing and now it seems that, after a much extended falling out that they are getting it back together.

Check out this article from


Bon Jovi drama might be finally cooling down as axeman Richie Sambora recently hinted at returning to the ranks of New Jersey rockers.

During a chat with the Sun, Sambora called the entire matter “a family drama” that “will be resolved,” expressing his hopes for a September return.

“I’ll be in Paris with my daughter Ava while the band rocks the UK,” the guitarist said. “But let’s see what happens at the end of summer. September’s looking good. So, maybe September.”


The axeman also confirmed that he will not be performing with the group during the upcoming Hyde Park show in London, confessing he is feeling sad for skipping such a major concert.


“I am not going to be on stage at Hyde Park sadly,” he said. “It’s just not happening right now. I truly want to be there and I feel very sad for the fans that I won’t be performing.”

Sambora continued, “I love the fans, I love the band. Jon and I have been tight for like thirty years, so all of this is very sad and it affects so many people around us.”

According to the previous reports, the guitarist was furious at singer Jon Bon Jovi for basically calling him a replaceable member of the group. As initially reported, Sambora left the band in early April due to “personal issues.”


Personally I hope that they can get back together as I’m hoping they come around again so I can get to see them one more time!!


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Independent Online Guitar Lessons – Review

Hi All and Welcome to the Thursday post from Music2Tattoos!

Today I’m reviewing an independent online guitar lessons site called Scale Trainer.

Online Guitar Lessons

Scale Trainer Online Guitar Lessons

There are many online guitar lessons sites out there on the web, some good, some great and some downright awful! There are also some that will simply rip you off. There are a few ‘big’ sites that are top quality and supply massive amounts of video lessons and ebook lessons etc but the one thing you don’t get from them is a personal service.

Personal service is something that Neil from Scale Trainer prides himself on, whatever your question he will do his best to answer and help you out. You can contact him through his website or he is on both Facebook and Twitter so make sure you catch up with him on there as well.

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Signing up to his newsletter will not only give you the free ebook but it will also keep you up to date with all of his blog posts / lessons, which is so useful if (like me) you don’t have the time to keep popping back to his blog to keep up with the posts. I simply wait for the weekly email detailing what lessons are available and then choose the ones I want.

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Online Guitar Lesson Review Article

Hello and welcome to another post on Music2Tattoos!

The weather has been so up and down here in the UK that I’ve either been walking my dog Rocket in the blazing sunshine or the pouring rain – and that could all be in the same walk!!! The one benefit to pouring rain is that I stay inside more which gives me more time to practice on the guitar!


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I also spend my time searching for and reading great sites and articles and I came across this article the other day reviewing 2 of the best online guitar sites out there…………. Zach Eapen certainly seems to know what he’s talking about!!

Learning Guitar was never this easy and interesting until the online guitar courses came into existence. Though you may find thousands of online guitar lessons that promises to transform you into a Guitar Virtuoso, you will be disappointed to find out truth only after joining one of them. Since I had gone through a bad experience myself I thought of sharing this knowledge about 2 of the most genuine, reliable and at the same time very affordable online guitar lessons that can teach you everything from reading guitar tabs to advanced level techniques. I must emphasize that, It is highly essential to know how to read and write Guitar Tabs and Notations to become a full-fledged musician and guitarist.

Here I will be giving you an insight about these guitar courses,

* JamPlay

* Guitar Tricks

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When I read that article I agreed with everything Zach had to say about both sites and if you are looking for online guitar lessons I highly recommend you check both of them out and choose which one of them is best for you………….. click on the links below to head to them right now!

Jam Play

Guitar Tricks

 Well the sun is shining at the moment and Rocket is desperate for a walk so I’m off for a wander with him. I hope you find the article and the 2 sites above useful and get into learning with one of them soon!

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The First Song to Play on Guitar?


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Hi there, it’s Graham here once again at Music2Tattoos!

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Now……………….. onwards!

The guitar has been a partner of mine for some time now, there’s not to many better ways in my life to change my mood and lift me up than rocking out with the guitar strapped to me. Whether its practicing by playing along to a song I want to learn or belting out some great tracks with my band; playing the guitar gives me an awesome feeling!

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So I’m curious what was the first song you wanted to learn? Or what is the first song you want to learn on guitar? I usually find from talking to other guitar players that while there are loads of songs they have in mind to want to play eventually there is always one song that draws them in – one song that they have to learn first!
What was / is yours? Add your song to the comments list by clicking the little speech bubble at the top right of this post (no sign-up or anything like that required!)

Bon Jovi - Wanted Dead or Alive

Bon Jovi – Wanted Dead or Alive

If you’ve read this blog before you’ll know I’m a fan of Bon Jovi (among others) and it was one of their songs that I wanted as my first. I desperately wanted to play ‘Wanted, Dead or Alive’ from the Slippery When Wet album.
That song pulled me in and got me hooked with the riff and the run down that makes it so famous, I was hooked and knew that I needed to learn it. I remember it taking me forever to put the chord changes together, after all I was just beginning! But, of course, the hardest bit was that run down!

I remember thinking to myself that my fingers would never move that quickly, that I could never pick that accurately while focussing on what my other hand was doing! But I knew I could not give up, I knew I had to play that song!
Then one day, sat in my living room…… it happened! I was playing along to the track and all of a sudden the run down was perfect, I’d hit it for the first time! I played along to the rest of the track and each time the run down came up I nailed it, I played along to the whole track perfectly!
I can still remember to this day jumping up when the track had finished and running around the house; the feeling was exhilarating! I had finally learnt to play the one song I had always wanted to play! What a feeling…………….. in fact I’m getting tingles just sitting here now thinking about it!

Music is just so emotive and playing it only adds to the feelings………… I could never live without it – it is almost addictive!

So there you go, there my story of the first song I learned to play on the guitar….. I’d love to hear yours!

I wish that when I was learning to play guitar that there was an online system that could help me when I needed it. I used to have to wait until a Thursday night when I would get an hours lesson from my teacher! If I was stuck on something and couldn’t work it out I’d just have to wait!
Now though you can log on and get help at any time, that’s the beauty of the internet!

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Dave Grohl – The Nicest Man in Rock (and probably the most talented!!)

Dave Grohl

Welcome one and all to the Music2Tattoos Thursday Blog!

My first comment today must be regarding Richie Sambora of Bon Jovi who has pulled out of their latest world tour for personal reasons. Now being a massive Bon Jovi fan it would be absolutely gutting to go and see them without Richie in the line-up but he needs to do whatever he feels is best for him and his family!
So from me – Good Luck Richie, whatever it is I hope it is sorted soon!

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Now, onwards with this blog!
I had my MP3 player on shuffle while walking the dog this morning and on came a Nirvana track – Lithium to be exact! I hadn’t heard that track for a while and as I listened I tuned in to the drums and paid attention to the awesome work by a certain Dave Grohl!

Now those in the industry say that Dave Grohl is the nicest man in rock; I cannot argue against that as I’ve never met him but I can certainly put an argument up for him being the most talented man in rock! He changed music with Nirvana as they forwarded the Grunge movement, he’s part of one of the biggest bands in the world in The Foo Fighters, he’s been in numerous ‘Super-Bands’ including Them Crooked Vultures and The Eagles of Death Metal and has guest drummed on albums from some amazing groups!

Check out his Wikipedia page below for more info!

The Foo Fighters

Now I’m a fan of The Foo Fighters but I have to say that I’m more of a fan of Dave Grohl the drummer! Watching him pound away on his kit whether it was with Nirvana or when he stood in with Queens of the Stone Age or even when he took over on the drums for the Foo Fighters while Jimmy Page from Led Zepplin joined them on stage at Wembley!

His drumming style is unique and powerful and my betting is he has inspired thousands to pick up a pair of sticks and beat the hell out of anything that resembles a drum kit!

Can you think of a more talented person in rock? I’d love to hear your thoughts, click the little speech bubble at the top right of this post and drop me a comment!

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What’s the most iconic Guitar Amp?

Hi it’s Graham here; welcome to another blog post from Music2Tattoos!

If you’ve read my previous blog posts you’ll know I’m a fan of my rock music, if it rocks I like it! My favorite era for rock music was the 80’s hair rock and metal and there was nothing more iconic back then than seeing a bank of Marshall Amps and Speaker Cabinets from one side of the stage to another (even if they weren’t all plugged in!)

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I was reading through some articles the other day and because of my love for the Marshall Amps I got hooked by this one written by Dave Wesenburg………………

Choosing an amplifier for your guitar can be a tough thing. In this article you are about to read, we are going to be reviewing some of the top Marshall Guitar Amps. These amps include the Marshall MG412A, the MHZ40C, the AS50D, the JVM215C 2-channel guitar combo amp, and the JVM205C
1 – Marshall MG412A Angled Guitar Speaker Cabinet
The first Marshall guitar amp we are going to be reviewing is the Marshall MG412A. This amp is slowly becoming one of Marshalls……………… to read the rest of this article CLICK HERE!


Here’s 2 icons of rock music (Slash and Lemmy) on stage together and what are they rocking with in the background? You got it; they are rocking with Marshall Amps.

Slash and Lemmy are just 2 iconic artists to use Marshall Amps but the list is almost endless; just to name a few others…………………

Jeff Beck
Billie Joe Armstrong
Ritchie Blackmore
Eric Clapton
Joan Jett
Kerry King
Mick Mars
Mike McCready
Keith Nelson
Joe Perry
Richie Sambora

Do I need to go on?

While other amps are around and can create a great sound Marhsall have managed to corner the market on sounding and looking awesome. Their classic warm yet rocking sound has graced many stages around the world and their white logo on the black background is an easily recognisable brand. Their sounds and designs have stood the test of time and will do for many years into the future!

I use a Marshall Amp and Head when I play and I love them (OK it’s only a covers band but I want to sound good right?), my ambition is to have a JCM800 head but that’s a way off yet! What do you use? Do you agree that the Marshall is the most iconic rock amp? Add your comments by clicking the little speech bubble to the top right of this blog post! I’d love to hear what you have to say!

If you love Rock music and you’re learning to play guitar then learning some classic rock licks and riffs can really improve your playing – it certainly improved mine! It starts to open your eyes as to how all of those chord progressions and scales you’ve been learning can be used and how they can be combined to produce awesome sound riffs and licks.

This level of understanding will help you to play better whether it be playing cover tracks in a band (like I do!), just playing along in your bedroom or if you want to write your own music you will have a greater knowledge of what works well and what doesn’t.

Rock Licks is a website that will help you with that; it will teach you 96 classic rock licks and riffs that will get you started on this path and really improve your playing!
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Right I’m off to plug in and have a rock out to some awesome riffs 🙂
Until next time, remember to live life and have fun!

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