Indie Music…………. The 3 Key Steps to Success

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I was reading through some articles the other day and I came across a great piece by Nicholas Hooper that details 3 Key Steps to Success for Independent Music Artists!

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Have a read of this great article ………………………………

Let’s face it, the wildfire spread of web-based portals designed to introduce independent music to the world has created a bewildering array of opportunities and costs. So where do they all balance out? When does the cost of signing up to yet another music promotion service yield results? What results are we looking for anyway?
The key is to make your web promotion targeted, systematic and rich.
What is the main drive for independent artists promote their music on the web? The fundamental incentive for web promotion is the opportunity ………………………. to read the rest of this article Click Here Now!


The Blueprint To Getting Heard (click the link now to head straight there) is one of the best Ebooks I’ve come across for those trying to make it in the Music Industry. It goes in to great detail of how exactly how to get your music heard and sold in an easy to understand format that takes you from A-Z! If you are an independent music artists / musician and you desperately want to make it in this tough industry you absolutely need to read this Ebook and take every single step it details!

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The Passion of an Independent Music Artist!

Viral Music Tool Kit

Good Morning and welcome to the Tuesday Blog Post!

Well what a hectic few weeks it has been, my band has been busy beyond belief both gigging and learning new stuff to throw in to the set! But after the private party we played on Friday night we have a couple of weeks off! Our next gig isn’t until the end of April and that is for a Bikers Rally so that one should be an absolutely mad night!!

Today I wanted to talk about why indie music artists do what they do; you see the music industry is legendarily hard to get in to and yet millions of artists and bands around the world keep working hard to get themselves heard and maybe, just maybe, get that elusive recording contract.
Some of them make a very good living out of being independent and are able to sell their music around the world through the power of the web and you have to wonder if they have hit upon a formula, a secret way of creating that income stream that drawers people to their music time and time again.

I found this great article by Emilio Basa on just this subject………….

The one thing that I wanted to talk about in this article is passion. If your goal to make it in music is because you want the fame and the riches then maybe this article isn’t for you. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but many of the greatest musicians are not on MTV and on every radio station. Not to say that the dream of making it big some day is not possible. It’s totally possible. If that’s what you want, I hope you get it and are happy doing it. There is a chance that some musicians will reach the level of fame and riches, but this should not be your overall goal to make music.
Granted there is money to be made in music, but your purpose as a musician should not be for the money. The reason you should be doing music is because it is your passion in life. It’s what you love to do. It’s why you are learning
………….. to read the rest of this article CLICK HERE NOW!

It is the belief and passion that is so apparent that really grabs me; no matter what they believe in their music and they put it out there 100% day after day through whatever means they can find. It is within this passion and drive that the emotive value of music can be found. If you’ve read my previous blog posts I wrote one entitled “Why is music so emotive?” and I believe this could be the answer.
For those who love music (myself included) it can reach and grab hold of your soul very easily, it can sway you from one emotion to the next and lift you to highs that at points do not seem possible. This is the passion that drives the independent music artists and it is why independent music will never die…………………… and the mainstream music industry just might!

If you are an independent music artist I salute you, I do not have the talent to be such but I love music all the same so I encourage you to keep going and find new ways to get your music out there on the web as this is surely your best chance of success!

Viral Music Tool Kit

Other Useful Sites

The Blueprint to Getting Heard
From the Music Marketing Manifesto is a great program teaching you how to really get your music out there to the masses.

Music Insider
This is relatively new from the Music Marketing Manifesto people and gets you inside the industry and teaches you how to push your music and career to new levels

Indie Connect
This website covers everything an aspiring Indie Music Artist could need from training and mentoring to showcases of talent!

That’s all for today so until next time
Remember to Live Life and Have Fun!


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Viral Music Tool Kit

Indie Music Artists – A New Opportunity?

Good Morning from here in a very cold UK!

It’s supposed to be spring but it feels more like winter over here right now! Apparently at the same time last year it was 20 degrees warmer – incredible! Mind you at least I’ve got some great music to keep me warm.

Today I want to introduce the Indie Music Artists out there to something that I think could be a huge opportunity to build an audience, fans and hopefulyl sales. Mobile Apps are huge around the world and established artists are starting to use Apps as a seperate stream of advertising and now the Indie Music Artists out there can do the same!

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It was while walking my dog this morning (how cold was I???) that it dawned upon me what an opportunity the Mobile App is for independent music; lets have a look at the stats just for a second……………….

– There are 1 BILLION Smart Phone users in the world
– That means 1 in every 7 people have a Smart Phone
30 MILLION Apps per DAY are downloaded around the world
– Apps are the fastest growing indusrty in history!

With those sort of figures why wouldn’t you get involved? Well, the truth is that up until now Apps have been expensive to create. If you have a spare $5000 – $10,000 then you would be OK but the truth of it is that most indie music artists don’t have that sort of money. It would also take months to get all the software sorted and written and get it to market and again who has the time for that when you are putting all of your efforts in to your music and growing your reputation and audience. Fortunately now there is a different way that changes all of that!

But before I get in to that just think for a moment about making your music global through a Mobile App; you can tell all of your friends, followers, fans across Twitter, Facebook and anywhere else you advertise and they can then go and tell their friends. Imagine those people going and downloading your App and listening to your music and then buying into your music, your sound.

But here’s the best thing, the App is live to all of those people who have a smart phone and therefore they could also find your app and your music: 1 Billion smart phone users and 30 million downloads per day can’t be wrong! Oh and did I mention that it would also bring in revenue that you can pump back in to your music? That’s right, you can (if you wish) sell the App and therefore make some money to help you and your music along.

So how easy is it to create your own app? Well, you’re probably not going to believe this but it can be created in around 12-15 minutes! And the cost is a tiny fraction of what it used to be….. honestly you need to see the video and the software to believe it!

Click here now to head to The Green App Machine

WAIT! Before you head over there I want to tell you one important thing and I really need you to hear this, really tune in to what I’m saying here …………. These apps are really powerful but very few people are using them for indie music purposes yet – but it’s coming! As I said earlier in this post the big name bands are starting to use this incredible technology so you can get in ahead of the game! Head over to The Green App Machine now and get ahead of the game; this truly will be another huge step for the music industry……….. be in front!

Other useful sites for Indie Music Artists….

If you haven’t yet downloaded my F!ree EBook on how to get more Twitter Followers to your music then you can get it by CLICKING HERE NOW!

Indie Connect is a great site for helping to get your music heard and helping you through the music industry mine field!

The Blueprint To Getting Heard is a really useful EBook for helping you to relly get your music out there and increased your chances of getting signed!


Right, I must go feed the dog before he starts eating me!

Until Next Time,
Remember to Live Life and Have Fun


Make sure you head over to The Green App Machine now to get your music involved in the fastest growing industry in history!

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Just how talented is Nikki Sixx?

Welcome to the Music2Tattoo Thursday Blog Post,

It’s Graham here and today I want to talk about one of my favourite musicians who I happen to think is one of the most talented Bass Players who have ever played……….. but not just for the reason of playing bass!

For the Bass Players…….. Jam Play have just set up a Bass Lessons section to their site which you can see by CLICKING HERE – if you want to learn to play bass there really is no better site!

On the subject of playing bass; I came across this article by Luke Jordan, have a read and let me know what you think……………….

There may only be four strings on the majority of bass guitars but there is so much to learn about playing them. Do you know how many bass scales there are or how you can make your bass sound like the lead instrument? A lot of people immediately think of the guitar to get attention but playing the bass well can help you achieve everything that you ever wanted musically.
This is why so many people are now choosing to learn to play bass guitar and are taking it seriously. You may be surprised how difficult it can be for ………………… to read the rest of the article CLICK HERE

Back to Nikki Sixx! He was part of the ultimate sex, drugs and rock n roll band of the 80’s / 90’s Motley Crue but what a lot of people don’t realise is just how much he was crucial to that band. Not only did he write all of the songs his bass playing drove the songs along, his ambition drove the band to become the biggest rock band on the planet. But it is within his lyrics that the true genius can be found. Listen to some of Motley Crue’s tracks and pay attention to the lyrics; some of them are so deep in meaning that it is incredible. When you consider that for most of that time he was in the midst of a deep drug addiction you have to really consider the talent that was coming through.

While there are some out and out “look at us and what we’re doing” lyrics (Girls, Girls, Girls for example) others are just astounding!

However, it was not just the talent while on drugs! Listen to his latest project – Sixx AM and you can still hear the amazing, insightful and deep lyrics that bought Motley Crue to the fore. You can thn factor in his book writing and his photography, the fact that he runs his own radio show and publishing companyand finally that he was the man behind getting all of the Motley Crue original recordings away from the record company – something nobody thought was possible at the time! When you put the whole package together I do not think that there has been a more all round talented bass player in the history of Rock music.

I’d love to hear your thoughts so why not drop them in the comments box by clicking the little speech bubble at the top right of this post for me and others to read!

If you’re interested in playing Bass or you already play Bass and want to improve your skills Jam Play, one of the best music lesson sites out there, have launched their very own Bass lessons site. Their Guitar site (which you can view by CLICKING HERE) is second to none and I’m certain that the Bass site will turn out to be the same!

Have a look at what’s on offer on the Jam Play Bass site by CLICKING HERE NOW, this is brand new and getting in early will mean you can grow with the site!

Until next time,
Remember to Live Life and have Fun!

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And, of course, remember to visit Jam Play’s new Bass site to drive your skills upwards!
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Do Indie Music Artists need Mentors? Would you get one?

Good Morning and Happy Monday to you all!!

As humans we sometimes find it tough to realise we need help and even tougher to admit we need help! It’s even tougher when that help comes at a cost. We are proud, determined people that work hard to get the results we want but what happens when you don’t get those results?
Indie Connect is a website dedicated to helping Independent Music Artists to make it in their career,

Click Here to have a look now or read on for more info………………..

First though here’s an article from an Indie Music Blogger by the name of Ralph P Sutton who certainly knows what he’s talking about………………………

What is Indie Music Marketing?
Yeah, you know it’s something you have to do, and you have at least some hold of what is it. You recognize it when you see it most of the time. But at its most basic level, can you explain what it is? And more importantly, can you spell out the basic elements of effective Indie Music marketing? Because, after all, if you’re going to invest your time and energy in promotion, it better be effective. Right? Don’t worry if you can’t come up with………………. If you want to read the rest of this article you can do so by CLICKING HERE!

So what is Mentoring? The dictionary defines mentoring as…………….
“An experienced and trusted advisor” “An experienced person who trains and counsels”

Now imagine you, as an independent music artist, had someone who is experienced within the industry helping you, advising you; how does that sound to you? I know that to achieve the success of others I must know what they have done so that I can emulate it and that is exactly what a mentor brings to the party! If you knew someone who could help, advise and train you would you be talking to them and asking for help? Yes, of course you would!

Well that is just part of what Indie Connect offer!

Indie Connect has worked with 1000’s or artists just like you who are on their way up and want to sky-rocket their career path. They have experienced mentors, trainers and marketing people who are there to help you really get you music career moving. Their package is second to none so head over to their website and have a look around at what they have to offer.
Click Here to head there right now!

There are 1000’s of independent music artists out there trying to make it and, sadly, the truth is that about 97% of them won’t get anywhere – I’m sorry if you don’t like me saying that but I need to tell you the truth! Those who do make it will get one of 2 things……………

1 – A lucky break where a key producer will hear them and fast track them through the system…. or
2 – They will make sure they make it by getting help!

Do you want to take the chance that you ‘might’ get a lucky break or do you want to take your future in to your own hands, get help and go out there fighting to succeed? There’s no one going to do this for you but YOU!

Go to Indie Connect NOW!

Until Next Time
Believe in yourself and get the help you need to succeed!

P.S. make sure you get the help you need from Indie Connect and give yourself the best chance possible of succeeding.
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New Music Economy

Hi there,
It’s music Thursday and today I’m bringing you a fantastic Free Webinar for Indie Music Artists that will show you how to succeed with your music! You can register for it by Clicking Here!

It’s been an interesting week, my new dog is settling in nicely although he’s not too keen when I turn on my practice amp, plug in the guitar and belt about! Maybe it’s my choice of songs (I’m ignoring my other half saying it’s my playing!)
I’m in a covers band and this week we’ve been learning Keep the Faith by Bon Jovi! If you’re interested in learning this song here’s the best Tab I’ve found for it:

Keep the Faith Tab
And here’s the best video lesson I’ve found for the solo!
Keep the Faith Video Lesson for the solo

I’m a Bon Jovi fan (don’t laugh!) so I’ve really enjoyed learning this song, fairly easy rhythm parts with a good solo to have to master; always love a bit of a challenge!

We’re playing at a pub this Saturday that we’ve not played in before which is always interesting as you’re never quite sure what reaction you’re going to get. I always look forward to playing live as it’s the best bit about being in a band but have to admit I’m always nervous about a new venue!

Right, let’s look at this Free Webinar to get your music sold!!!

The site we’re looking at today is called ‘New Music Economy’ and they hold regular webinars giving away some amazing information. There is always a selection of dates to choose from that will suit your diary so there’s no need to miss out – and missing out would be an crime!
I watched the webinar (even though I’m not an Indie Music Artist I wanted to make sure it delivered for you!) and I have to say that the info on offer is first rate; below is a brief list of what’s on offer:

Why Spending A Lot Of Money On A Website Is STUPID (I’ll Show You Why)
How You Can Get Contact Details From Every Person You Meet So You Can Keep Them Updated (Extremely Important)
How You Can Make Plenty Of Money Without Ever Signing A Record Deal (All The Big Bands Did This)
How To Sell Your Music Directly To Your Fans Cutting Out The Middle Man (Tons More Money In Your Pocket)
Why You Should STOP Giving Your Music Away For Free Immediately (You’ll Be Amazed How Well This Works)
How To Keep Your Name In Front Of All Your Fans and Get Them To Pass Your Name Around For You (Viral At It’s Finest)
How By Doing This You Can Get The Better Shows, Better Time Slots and More Money! (Starting Almost Instantly)

Now what would you pay to get that sort of info? $100? $250? $500? Well you can get all of that info for F!REE, nothing, zero, zilch! Is there a better deal for Indie Music Artists right now? If there is I haven’t found it! So do yourself a favour; get yourself over to the site now, check out the available times and register for one that suits you. They’ll send you an email to confirm your registration and then another one 15 minutes before the webinar begins so you’ve got no excuses!
Click Here Now to Register!

Missing out on this info could mean missing out on sky-rocketing your career! So click through now and get registered!

Until next time
Live life and have fun!

P.S. It won’t be long before they can’t afford to give this info away for Free so get registered before they start charging; my betting this info is worth $297 when they do start charging!
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