Indie Music Industry – Why Be Independent?

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While researching for today’s post I came across this fantastic article by Corey Stewart that pretty much covers everything I was looking for! Have a read of the article below:

Indie Music Industry – Why Be Independent?

By Corey Stewart

With the major labels focusing on quick returns rather than artist development and the advent of downloading music online, the traditional record company/artist relationship has become blurred to the point of being obsolete.

Nowadays, being independent has real advantages.

How many times have you heard or read somewhere that the internet has changed the face of the music industry forever? I would love a dollar for every time I heard it.

However, it’s true and there are a number of reasons for this. Two that spring into mind are that:

1. A traditional record company/artist relationship is optional and not a necessity. You can do your all music sales and band promotion online cutting out all of the ‘middle people’.

2. Websites can turn an artist with a local audience into an artist with an international audience. As the internet is not ‘owned’ by any one entity the playing field is a lot more even.

To me, being an independent artist means that you are the one driving the bus and being in control over your own affairs.

A lot of talented artists and performing songwriters around the world are at this very moment waiting for that knock at the door, the opportunity to ‘get discovered’. What is likely to happen is that they will spend their creative lives being very disappointed.

If you are reading this and feel that this is you, consider this…

Where do you think you would be if you managed your career yourself rather than wait for someone (or some company) to do it for you?

There are many sites out in cyberspace that are there to help you take control over your career by spreading practical information about band promotion and the indie music industry as a whole, take advantage of these websites and go to as many as you can

Embrace independence today and gain control over your own musical affairs.

Corey Stewart is a published Singer/Songwriter from Australia who has his own online music marketing business Orangutang Music []

Article Source:—Why-Be-Independent?&id=685696

Wow!! What an article from a published singer/songwriter……….. I trust you found it as interesting as I did! So you’re convinced you need to be and independent music artist and now you need some help in getting your music produced and / or heard…………. below I’ve listed some excellent sites that will help you – Click through to them now and see just how they can help you!

Useful Independent Music Sites

Music Insider

Home Recording Blueprint

Blueprint To Getting Heard

Music Publication

Music 2 Money

Click on the links to head to these sites now and you could be sky-rocketing your independent music career!

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P.S. if you want some help with promoting your music then I wrote a post a couple of weeks back that might give you the information you are looking for! Click Here Now to view that post


Indie Musicians – More Streams Equals More Success!

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Well, after a couple of weeks off my band (The Rocket Dogs) are back to doing what we do best this week. We have a gig playing at a Bikers Rally this coming Friday that should be huge!!

Today I wanted to offer up some information to the Independent Musicians and Music Artists out there. The music industry is legendarily tough to get in to and that means that there are thousands or artists out there trying to make it on their own – but there is help. “How do I promote my music?” must be the number one question on the lips of every indie music artist because without promotion there is no distribution and therefore no sales.

There’s an old saying in business that the more streams of income you have the better off you will be; 10 streams of income bringing in an average of $1000 per month is better than 1 bringing in $5000! I’m going to use the same leverage for the indie music artists – the more streams you have heading to your music the more successful you’re going to be!

I wrote a post a couple of weeks back about the passion of the indie music artist, how they keep going because of the drive and belief in what they are doing. Sometimes, however, drive and belief are not enough….. you need to promote your work in as many ways as possible! So below I’m going to detail just a few ways to get traffic streaming to your music!

Yes, the obvious one but one that people try and don’t get very far with! I love listening to indie music through following links on Twitter and there is some awesome material out there but when I look at their twitter accounts the artist only has a couple of hundred followers at most. Getting followers is actually relatively easy…… if you know how!
A while ago I wrote a quick ebook for the Indie Music Artist on how to get more followers on Twitter and if you want a copy you can grab it for free by Clicking Here Now!

A Blog……. Not a Wesbite!
Now this one a lot of people will not agree with…………. why? Because a website has become the holy grail with which to drive traffic to so that people can hear your music but driving traffic to a website can be time consuming and expensive whereas a blog (particularly a wordpress blog) will do a whole bunch of that for you!
Wordpress are pretty much in bed with Google! Google loves wordpress blogs because it is regular content that can be kept up to date and refreshed regularly with new material. Therefore the expensive SEO is already done for you and………… it’s free! You don’t even have to host your own wordpress blog it can be just like the one you are reading right now….

It doesn’t cost me anything to run of host this blog and I still get found in the search engines, my blog still appears in Google and I get traffic because of it…………. and that traffic is FREE!
So set yourself up a blog; you can have it as a self hosted blog if you choose to so that you can have a nice web address but you don’t have to. Here’s a couple of simple rules to follow…

1. Update your blog regularly (once per week minimum) to keep the info fresh, both your readers and Google will appreciate it.
2. Use the tags correctly, these are what Google read first so make sure they are relevant to each post.
3. Use Google’s Keyword Tool to find relevant search terms to use as your tags (search Google Keyword Tool on Google to find it!)
4. Use pictures and when you upload them give them relevant file names. A picture entitled RST11334.jpeg is of now use whatsoever. Google also tracks pictures for it’s image library so give you picture a relevant file name eg: dragon_tattoo_picture.jpeg – guess what search that is going to show up in! Make sure that when you upload it to your blog you add a ‘caption’ and use the words in the file name within the blog post. This gives the picture and your post credibility to Google and Google loves credibility!
5. Don’t just let traffic head their from Google, drive traffic from your social media accounts, mention your blog in any interviews, put the address on flyers, posters etc – drive people to your blog!
6. You MUST have a sign-up box for people to add their email in so that they can follow you blog. Encourage people to sign up by offering them something for Free – a download of one of your songs maybe? This way whenever you post something they will get an email with your post on it therefore keeping you fresh in their minds.

The most visited website in the world – bar none! If you’re not on it you need to be! FaceBook is (in my opinion) tougher to get ‘likes’ on that Twitter is to get followers but here’s a couple of rules that seem to apply for Facebook:
• Post regularly but not too often, 3 – 5 times per week seems to be the preferred amount otherwise people get bored and annoyed with your posts.
• Don’t always post the same thing, just like your blog you need to keep it fresh!
• Ask friends and family to promote your faceBook page and encourage their friends and family to ‘like’ it. You’ll be surprised what you can achieve just through some likes and shares of your posts

An absolute must for all Indie Music Artists! You MUST have your own channel and you MUST have your music on there; even if you haven’t produced a full video get a screen capture one of some pictures of you and put the music behind it.
Remember on every video you put up to promoted your blog!!!

YouTube is owned by Google and therefore YouTube videos rank highly in Google’s searches, make sure you are taking advantage of this. Drive people to your videos using your other Social Media accounts and your blog!

And Finally…………. Get Help!!
It is going to be tough to succeed by yourself; that’s a hard truth but it is! All of the ideas above are free to use and should be used to promote your music but while all of those will help to really get your music heard you need to get help from the right people……………..
I’ve listed below a couple of websites that I’ve reviewed over that last few months and that I think are the best ones out there to help the Indie Music Artist to sky-rocket their career and sell their music so that other can hear their creations!

Indie Connect (IndieMusicConnect) is a great website that offers any and all help you could possibly want from coaches and mentors to regular online workshops. They also have their own publications and regular events for artists to showcase their talents. Click the link above now to head their and get started!

Music Insider is bought to you by a successful Indie Artist who’s made a success of being independent and will show you how to do exactly the same. You’ll really be able to hear his expertise coming through and tune in to what he’s saying to make sure you succeed.

Owen Critchley’s Guide To Getting Heard
Owen Critchley is someone else who has made it as an Indie Artist, he sells his music online and makes a very good living from it! Let him tell you exactly how he does it so that you can follow what he says and be as successful as he is! This really is a guide from someone who’s been there and done it!

So there you have it, some simple yet (hopefully) useful tips for the indie music artist to get your music heard and get your music career into another gear. I hope you found this useful and if you did please pass it on to any other indie artists you know……………. it can help them as well!

For now though I’ll leave you to get on with creating your future through music!
Remember to Live Life and Have Fun!

P.S. Remember the more streams you have to your music the more your music will get heard! And head over to these sites to turbo-charge your music career

Indie Connect
Music Insider
Owen Critchley’s Blueprint