Recommended Sites – Take a look at these!!!

Hi there and welcome to my recommeded sites page!

On here I’m going to put the best sites I can find relating to Tattoos, Music, Indie Music etc so read my quick write up and click on the links to see what the sites have to offer you!

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But for now lets get going with my recommended sites……………………… All you have to do to visit the sites is click on the links!

Learning to play!

Jamorama is a great site for the beginner guitarists out there, simple to use basic intructions that will get your guitar playing off to the best possible start

Jam Play is probably the best guitar teaching site out there; with loads of different instructors to suit your style and 100’s of great information videos taking you from the basics through to the advanced levels! This is the site I use to improve and I love it!

Infinite Guitar is designed for the more advanced guitarist. Leanr some advanced patterns, chord progressions and tricks of the trade to take your playing to the next level!

How About a Tattoo?

Tattoo Me Now is my highest rated tattoo site; not only does it contain a ton full of awesome designs it also has loads of top artists on there and a fantastic community that is 60,000 strong and growing. You really need to be on this site if you are into your Ink!

Chopper Tattoos – While this site doesn’t have the community of the one above it does have some amazing designs and I have to admit that I think I found my next design on here – well worth a visit!

LA Ink Tattoos and Miami Ink Tattoos are sites that have sprung up on the back of the TV Shows of the same name but be warned they are NOT connected to the shows! Having said that they are, in their own right, very good design sites that you might just find your next ink project on!

For the Indie Music Artists!

New Music Economy hold a regular webinar specifically for the Indie Music Artists out there. It is full of great information that is sure to benefit you. Click through the link on to th website and it will tell you all the info you get when you go on the webinar – Oh and here’s the kicker…. Its FREE to go on!

Indie Connect is an awesome site for the Indie Music Artist! Full of great info in the form of ebooks and videos plus regular events to attend and a Mentoring Program that is critical if you really want to succeed! Click through now to get started!

Blueprint to Getting Heard is an Ebook program that really delivers on what it promises it gives you a step-by-step program to getting your music heard and giving you the best chance of succeeding in this tough industry!

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