What was your favourite live gig / concert?

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With the Glastonbury festival just finishing here in the UK there are reports all over the radio and TV with interviews from those that were there. As usual there are those that are claiming that it was the best live gig ever! Whether the saw The Rolling Stones headline the Saturday night or Mumford and Sons headline the Sunday night they were all claiming it was the best ever!

So I started to wonder which gig I would choose as my favourite of all time……………….. and it’s a tough question to answer as I’ve seen some awesome gigs over my time! Some notbale mentions I should make are: (in no particular order)


Bon Jovi at Hyde Park, London – 92000 people and I managed to get gold circle tickets so was right at the front and they rocked the place! I turned around during the song Raise Your Hands to see hundreds of thousands of hands in the air – awesome.

Motley Crue at the NEC Birmingham – Crue were supporting Def Leppard a couple of years ago but absolutely blew them off the stage, they rocked the place from the start of the set to the end.

Buckcherry at Nottingham Rock City – Rock city is a small venue that gives such a great atmosphere and Buckcherry were amazing that night!


So there are a few of mine, now let me know yours! Drop a comment by clicking the little speech bubble to the top right of this post. I’d love to hear your thoughts and I might just put together a post on the top gig list from your comments 🙂


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Tattoo Removal – the various methods

Hi there and welcome to the Thursday post on Music2Tattoos! and today I’m going to share with you and article I came across the other day on Tattoo Removal.

Have you got a tattoo that you don’t want any more? If the answer is yes then there are ways to remove them, some are painful and some not so while some cost a lot and some don’t! The article below will hopefully help you to make an informed choice!


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Differing Methods Of Tattoo Removal

By Mark F Hargreaves

There are a few excellent methods of tattoo removal available today. It is important when considering the removal of a tattoo that you gather as much information on the different procedures as possible to find the best method for you.

Tattoos are desirable for numerous reasons. Many times it’s simply for decorative purposes. Other times the designs represent an important person, time or event in a persons lifetime. On the other hand there are many different reasons why one would want to have the tattoo removed. Reasons may include the art was bad, the tattoo itself came out wrong or it is merely no longer wanted.

Tattoos are very durable things. The ink is injected deep within the skin, into the secondary layer of skin known as the dermis. The repeated injections deposit the ink in this area of the skin for the purpose of lasting a lifetime. Having tattoos removed can prove to be quite an involved and sometimes expensive process.

One thing to keep in mind is that some scarring is likely to occur while having a tattoo removed. After care will be needed likewise and may include bandage changes or a suture removal. Even with tattoo removal, some people will still experience some colored areas on the skin that have only been lightened.

Many factors can influence the success rate of a tattoo removal. The tattoo size and color have a great effect on how, and even if, the tattoo can be removed completely. The location of the tattoo on the body will also affect it’s removal.

There are a number of different methods for tattoo removal. Very small tattoos can be removed with a simple excision. This is the procedure when a small tattoo is just cut carefully away. An incision is made, the tattoo is removed and the skin is then sutured closed.

Larger tattoos can be removed by excision too; although it may require several attempts to remove the entire tattoo. Many times, the middle portion of the tattoo is removed and permitted to heal prior to any further attempts to excise the outer portions. Another technique for excising larger tattoos is to take a skin graft from another part of the body to enable it to close the incision.

A different technique is called dermabrasion. This method for tattoo removal involves the utilization of a special chemical that is applied to the tattoo design. The tattoo and skin around it are frozen, giving the effect of a local anesthetic. A rough surfaced tool is then used to rub down the tattoo in the same way that you would use sandpaper.

Lasers have recently grown in popularity in the medical field and tattoo removal has benefited greatly from them also. For the purpose of removing a tattoo, the laser is used to break up the ink and colors of the design. Cells in the body are then able to attack and remove these tinted cells naturally. When lasers are employed, repeat visits are needed to continue the break down of the ink that was used in the original design.

Tattoo removal can be done with any one of an assortment of methods. A medical practitioner is needed for this type of procedure. The medical practitioner should be consulted with any concerns regarding the size of the tattoo to be removed, the coloration, the location on the body and any necessary after care that will be needed once it has been removed.

A tattoo is thought of as something that lasts for a lifetime. Though they can be removed with surgery, lasers or dermabrasion, some scarring is likely to be encountered. Getting a tattoo should be carefully considered first and foremost as it will usually be an everlasting mark in the skin. Please remember that tattoo removal is painful, expensive and may not do the job completely.

Mark has a great site full of tips on tattoo designs. Please take a look at http://www.tattoodesigns365.com

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Mark_F_Hargreaves



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Independent Music Artists – Crowd Funding

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As an independent music artist have you heard of crowd funding? No, don’t worry I hadn’t either until I read the article I’m going to share with you today!


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Crowd funding is a completely new area for me and this article help me understand it and I have to say if you are an indie music artist it is definitely worth looking in to! Check out the article below………………….

Sometimes referred to as fanfunding, hyper funding, micropatronage, or other such terms, crowdfunding can be defined as the activity of raising money from the public through individual contributions that are facilitated by a fundraising campaign hosted on one or another Internet website. A handful of third-party fundraising platforms have garnered most of the attention these days, like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, but there are now estimated to be over 500 crowdfunding platforms around the world servicing individuals and organizations of almost every stripe.

At its root, the crowdfunding concept is very simple. You post your project idea on a website that is set up to accept contributions, spread the word about it any way you can, and hope people become interested enough in it to contribute.

There are several general types of crowdfunding models, but only three that seem at all relevant for the independent artist……………………… you can read the rest of this article by Clicking Here Now!


Can you believe you can raise capital that way? What a huge opportunity!!

I highly suggest you research this further and get on with it now!


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Black Sabbath Top UK Charts for First Time in 43 Years

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Black Sabbath 13 Album Cover

Can you believe it, 43 years on and Black Sabbath are back at the top of the UK Charts with their new album ’13’

Has any other band in history had a come back like that after so many years? I seriously doubt it!

Check out the article below from www.ultimate-guitar.com


The latest Black Sabbath release “13” has officially topped the UK Albums Chart, earning the metal pioneers their first chart topper since 1970’s “Paranoid.”

According to the Official Charts Company, the lengthy 43-year break between the two No. 1 spots had also set the record for the longest gap between two chart topping efforts.


Singer Ozzy Osbourne was clearly caught off guard with the album’s success, admitting it was something he never expected.


“I’m in shock, the success of this album has blown me off my feet,” Ozzy said (via Yahoo! TV). “We’ve never had a record climb the charts so fast.”

The previous record holder for the longest chart topper gap was Rod Stewart with a total of 37 years. Osbourne gave the fellow vocalist all the props he deserves, praising his skills, unlike most modern artists which he described as “manufactured bulls–t.”

“Rod’s the same as us, we’ve got something other people haven’t got,” the singer said. “It’s all manufactured bulls–t these days. But the likes of Rod, and Elton John and us have got something different. We know our craft.”

As far as the “13” follow-up goes, Osbourne said that the group would “probably” release another album, but also stressed that he can’t guarantee anything just yet.

“We’re still reveling in coming back with this,” he commented. “I don’t want to promise anything to anyone. It took us long enough to do this, and we can’t wait another 43 years to have another number one. If it comes to pass we don’t make another record, then I can rest easily knowing we finished things properly with ’13.'”

The album raced Liam Gallagher‘s Beady Eye and their latest effort “BE” for the No. 1 spot, ultimately outselling it by 13,000 copies and claiming the top position.

“13” dropped on June 11 via Vertigo/Universal Records as the nineteenth Sabbath record and the first one to feature Ozzy handling the vocal duties since 1978’s “Never Say Die.”


So I have to wonder where this leaves them, do they tour this to death and then quit or do you think Ozzy and the boys will get back in the studio? Let me know your thoughts by clicking the speech mark at the top right of this post.



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If you’ve heard the new Sabbath album and want to post a review please do so in the comments!

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The Willow Festival – Peterborough

Hi All and Welcome to another post from Music2Tattoos! Today I wanted to introduce you to The Willow Festival in Peterborough, UK.

The Willow Festival is one of europes biggest F!ree music festivals with over 50,000 people attending over the 3 day weekend last year. This years festival is on the weekend of 12th – 14th July! It’s not a festival for big name bands and celebrities; The Willow Festival focuses on unsigned bands from around europe – show casing some awesome talent.

There is plenty of opportunity to see all sorts of bands as there are at least 3 stages (2 outdoor) and last year there were 123 bands on over the weekend. Just in case you get bored there are also the usual extras such as fairground rides, food stands, an alternative shopping village and street entertainers.

To ensure an entertaining mix of bands there are some of the top tribute acts from around the UK on the bill as well as some local cover bands to add some fun to the proceedings!

Just like any good festival you can also camp on site if you want to although places are limited so get in quick. You can get anything from a day pass to a weekend pass, head to the website now for more information.

You can find more details out about all of the fun and entertainment at the willow festival by visitng their website:


They are also on Facebook and Twitter so you can keep up with all of the infomation on there as well!

If you are around Peterborough between July 12th – 14th this year I highly recommend you head down to the Embankment and join in the fun!

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P.S. as a personal plug, my band (The Rocket Dogs) are playing at The Willow Festival on the Saturday 🙂

Rocket Dogs @ Willow Festival

The Rocket Dogs Live at The Willow Festival UK

Are your tattoos an expression of who you are?

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While I was walking my dog Rocket the other day a guy walked past me with both arms fully sleeved in tattoos and I wondered if people judged him for that. It is still a sad fact in this day and age that people can, and do, get judged for having tattoos. It is not as prevelant these days as it once was and yet it can still happen.


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I recently read this excellent article by Lance Winslow………………………………………..

Most folks that understand the negative stigma amongst some in our population towards those who have tattoos, and then when we think about it, it’s almost as if we want to step in and remind them that they are people too and it is not wise to be so judgmental. Not long ago, a psychologist and I sat down at Starbucks and had a conversation about this. Interestingly enough, even those with …………………. to read the rest of this article CLICK HERE!

In my opinion some people want to be judged for their tattoos, some people go out of their way to show them off and to stick them in peoples faces and say ‘look at me’. However that should not reflect on those of us who have tattoos for our own reasons. Whatever your reason for your tattoos I hope you are never judged for them!
By the way, the guy I was talking about earlier who had both arms sleeved was a really nice guy! I stopped him and asked about his ink; it turns out that he has one arm dedicated to his son and the other to his daughter!
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The Rocket Dogs play Willow Festival 2013!

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Today I’m as happy as a pig in …………. you can fill in the blanks I’m certain!

My band (The Rocket Dogs) have been asked to play at a massive outdoor festival in the UK!

Rocket Dogs @ Willow Festival

The Rocket Dogs Live at The Willow Festival UK

The Willow Festival in Peterborough is one of the UK’s and Europes largest ooutdoor FREE music festivals with an expected 50,000 people expected to attend across the weekend……….. and the best bit is The Rocket Dogs are opening the outdoor stage!

It goes without saying that the five of us in the band are over the moon about being asked to open it ans can’t wait to put on a show for the crowds!!

If you haven’t heard our 6 tracks then click through to our page on this blog (The Rocket Dogs) and have a listen now or check out our Facebook page – www.facebook.com/TheRocketDogs

I’m off to practice with the boys so until next time,
Remember to Live Life and Have Fun


Make sure you check out the website for The Willow Festival in Peterborough by Clicking Here Now!