The Thrill of Playing Live!

Hi and welcome along to Music2Tattoos! Today I want to talk about the thrill of playing music to a live audience!

Having been away on holiday with my wife, daughter and Rocket the Dog for a few days I’ve had chance to take in the feelings of playing at my first large live festival and I have to say that I want more! As per one of my previous posts (click here) the band I’m in – The Rocket Dogs – played at The Willow Festival in our home town of Peterborough recently and it was just an incredible experience.


If you want to learn to play an instrument and play to a live audience, if you want to feel that thrill, then click on one of the links at the bottom of this post and get started today!


the Rocket Dogs

The Rocket Dogs live at The Willow Festival 2013

It’s not just playing a big festival that can get me pumped up, as a covers band we play local pubs and clubs as well and the atmosphere in some of those places can be electric. Seeing people dancing, jumping about and singing along to songs that you are playing is such an inspiring feeling.

I can walk off having played for 3 hours, be completely exhausted and yet still be bouncing because of the reaction we have got from the crowd. Having people come up to afterwards and congratulate you or just want to talk to you and tell you what a great performance it was has got to be one of the best feeelings in the world!


Surely this can’t just be me? Can it? If you get a massive thrill from playing live – no matter what type of music you play – drop me a comment and let me know how it feels to you. Click on the little speech bubble to the top right of this post and let me know your thoughts.



If you are just starting out in your music career and can’t wait to play live then check out the links below which may help you improve your playing:

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Learn To Play Drums

Learn To Play Bass Guitar

Click on the one that grabs you the most now and get started!


Until Next Time

Remember to Live Life and Have Fun


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The Rocket Dogs were Live at The Willow Fest 2013

Hi there and welcome along again to Music2Tattoos! and today I have to talk about my bands performance at The Willow Festival in Peterborough over the weekend!

The Rocket Dogs

The Rocket Dogs at The Willow Festival 2013

The word excited just does not cover how we felt leading up to our performance and waiting all morning for it to come around was quite honestly hell on earth! After getting there, setting up and sound checking the wait was excrutiating until finally we got the chance to do what we do best – entertain people!

The Rocket Dogs

The Rocket Dogs live at Willow Fest 2013

As we walked on stage our drummer held aloft a huge Union Jack Flag which drew a massive cheer and round of applause and from there we knew we were in for a great time. Hundreds of people had gathered around the stage in heat which easily topped 30 degrees and they were ready to be rocked!

The Rocket Dogs

The Rocket Dogs live at The Willow Festival 2013

And rock them we did; openeing up with Basket Case by Green day the crowd started to bounce and as we ran that in to All The Small Things by Blink 182 we whipped them in to a frenzy of pure rock energy. We had just 40 minutes to fill so we knew we could put everything we had in to our performance and, despite the incredible heat, that’s exactly what we did – rocked every single person who was there!

the Rocket Dogs

The Rocket Dogs live at The Willow Festival 2013

Here’s the setlist from our performance:

Basket Case

All the Small Things

Whole Lotta Rosie

It’s My Life

Tainted Love – done in a Rocket Dog rock style

You Spin Me Right Round – again done in a Rocket Dog rock style

Use Somebody

I Fought The Law

All Day And All Of The Night


I Predict A Riot

Chelsea Dagger


All of that squeezed in to a high energy set and the crowd were with us all of the way! The day was topped off with Live radio interviews and poster signings……………… not bad for a covers band huh!!!!


The Rocket Dogs

The Rocket Dogs live at the Willow Festival 2013

Before I go I have to mention the 4 amazing guys that help me live out my rockstar wannabe fantasy and they are the guys in the band who are my friends and my brothers in arms and I love them dearly!

Mark Perks – one of the best frontmen in the area

Terry Barter – awesome gutarist and all round rock god

Michael Armstrong – keeps the beat pulsating with his hard hitting bass

Staceman Malton – the most energetic drummer I’ve seen with the flare and accuracy to match


If you want to check us out have a look at our FaceBook page using the link below:

or you can have a listen to our 6 track EP by Clicking Here Now!


What a weekend!

Until Next Time

Remember to live Life and Have Fun!


The Rocket Dogs!!!



The Willow Festival – Peterborough

Hi All and Welcome to another post from Music2Tattoos! Today I wanted to introduce you to The Willow Festival in Peterborough, UK.

The Willow Festival is one of europes biggest F!ree music festivals with over 50,000 people attending over the 3 day weekend last year. This years festival is on the weekend of 12th – 14th July! It’s not a festival for big name bands and celebrities; The Willow Festival focuses on unsigned bands from around europe – show casing some awesome talent.

There is plenty of opportunity to see all sorts of bands as there are at least 3 stages (2 outdoor) and last year there were 123 bands on over the weekend. Just in case you get bored there are also the usual extras such as fairground rides, food stands, an alternative shopping village and street entertainers.

To ensure an entertaining mix of bands there are some of the top tribute acts from around the UK on the bill as well as some local cover bands to add some fun to the proceedings!

Just like any good festival you can also camp on site if you want to although places are limited so get in quick. You can get anything from a day pass to a weekend pass, head to the website now for more information.

You can find more details out about all of the fun and entertainment at the willow festival by visitng their website:

They are also on Facebook and Twitter so you can keep up with all of the infomation on there as well!

If you are around Peterborough between July 12th – 14th this year I highly recommend you head down to the Embankment and join in the fun!

Until Next Time

Remember to Live Life and Have Fun!


P.S. as a personal plug, my band (The Rocket Dogs) are playing at The Willow Festival on the Saturday 🙂

Rocket Dogs @ Willow Festival

The Rocket Dogs Live at The Willow Festival UK

The Rocket Dogs play Willow Festival 2013!

Hi There, as usual it’s Graham here from Music2Tattoos!

Today I’m as happy as a pig in …………. you can fill in the blanks I’m certain!

My band (The Rocket Dogs) have been asked to play at a massive outdoor festival in the UK!

Rocket Dogs @ Willow Festival

The Rocket Dogs Live at The Willow Festival UK

The Willow Festival in Peterborough is one of the UK’s and Europes largest ooutdoor FREE music festivals with an expected 50,000 people expected to attend across the weekend……….. and the best bit is The Rocket Dogs are opening the outdoor stage!

It goes without saying that the five of us in the band are over the moon about being asked to open it ans can’t wait to put on a show for the crowds!!

If you haven’t heard our 6 tracks then click through to our page on this blog (The Rocket Dogs) and have a listen now or check out our Facebook page –

I’m off to practice with the boys so until next time,
Remember to Live Life and Have Fun


Make sure you check out the website for The Willow Festival in Peterborough by Clicking Here Now!