Indie Music – The Most Amazing Toolkit Ever!

Hi there and welcome along again to Music2Tattoos! and today I’m going to introduce you to the most amazing set of tools for Indie Music Artists I’ve ever found!!

I was searching around the other day and came across a website that I’d browsed before but never really looked deep in to and what I found astounded me! I know that some part of this amazing toolkit is going to help you with your Music marketing!


Grab a F!REE Video on Music Marketing for Indie Music Artists be Clicking Here Now!


John Oszajca is someone I hadn’t heard of before but I certainly have now, he is an Indie Music Marketing genius – there’s no other owrd for it! He has put together a few different programmes that cater for anything an Indie Music Artist could wish for.

How does he know this works? you may ask! Well he’s used it to market his own music and has made a small fortune doing it (there’s proof on his website!). His songs and albums have gone viral, have been marketed through YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Email Marketing and so many more outlets.

I wrote a post a while back saying that Indie Music Artists need as many streams to their music as possible (See the post here!) and John really does cover every possible avenue in his array of tools, ebooks and programmes!

So let me show you what he has on offer…………… click any of the links below to head straight to the relevant page!


Firstly there’s his F!REE Video offer that will give you some excellent tips and tools to help with your marketing – and we all like free stuff dont we!!

Then there’s the Music Marketing Manifesto which is his all singing all dancing program that is truly for those who absolutely want to succeed! Only click on this if you absolutely want to succeed with your music career!

Music Insider gives you a true inside view to the Music Industry and shows you how to avoid the pitfalls and traps that stop most people!

If you want to send your music spiralling into the Viral stratosphere then his Viral Music Toolkit is exactly what you need.

And finally he also writes a BLOG with loads of useful hints and tips to help you out!


That’s 5 different avenues you can go down to turbo-charge your music career, sky-rocket your music sales and put you firmly on the road to success!

So click on the links above now and see which one is absolutely right for you………. one of them will be!

Until Next Time

Remember to Live Life and Have Fun


P.S. please make sure you click the links above as I know that one of those programs will be right for you! If nothing else then grab your copy of his FREE MUSIC MARKETING VIDEO now so you can see the awesome stuff he has to offer!

Post your comments here!

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