What was your favourite live gig / concert?

Good morning all and welcome again to Music2Tattoos!

With the Glastonbury festival just finishing here in the UK there are reports all over the radio and TV with interviews from those that were there. As usual there are those that are claiming that it was the best live gig ever! Whether the saw The Rolling Stones headline the Saturday night or Mumford and Sons headline the Sunday night they were all claiming it was the best ever!

So I started to wonder which gig I would choose as my favourite of all time……………….. and it’s a tough question to answer as I’ve seen some awesome gigs over my time! Some notbale mentions I should make are: (in no particular order)


Bon Jovi at Hyde Park, London – 92000 people and I managed to get gold circle tickets so was right at the front and they rocked the place! I turned around during the song Raise Your Hands to see hundreds of thousands of hands in the air – awesome.

Motley Crue at the NEC Birmingham – Crue were supporting Def Leppard a couple of years ago but absolutely blew them off the stage, they rocked the place from the start of the set to the end.

Buckcherry at Nottingham Rock City – Rock city is a small venue that gives such a great atmosphere and Buckcherry were amazing that night!


So there are a few of mine, now let me know yours! Drop a comment by clicking the little speech bubble to the top right of this post. I’d love to hear your thoughts and I might just put together a post on the top gig list from your comments 🙂


Until Next Time

Remember to Live Lifa and Have Fun!



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