Independent Music Artists – Crowd Funding

Hi All, it’s Graham here once again from Music2Tattoos!

As an independent music artist have you heard of crowd funding? No, don’t worry I hadn’t either until I read the article I’m going to share with you today!


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Crowd funding is a completely new area for me and this article help me understand it and I have to say if you are an indie music artist it is definitely worth looking in to! Check out the article below………………….

Sometimes referred to as fanfunding, hyper funding, micropatronage, or other such terms, crowdfunding can be defined as the activity of raising money from the public through individual contributions that are facilitated by a fundraising campaign hosted on one or another Internet website. A handful of third-party fundraising platforms have garnered most of the attention these days, like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, but there are now estimated to be over 500 crowdfunding platforms around the world servicing individuals and organizations of almost every stripe.

At its root, the crowdfunding concept is very simple. You post your project idea on a website that is set up to accept contributions, spread the word about it any way you can, and hope people become interested enough in it to contribute.

There are several general types of crowdfunding models, but only three that seem at all relevant for the independent artist……………………… you can read the rest of this article by Clicking Here Now!


Can you believe you can raise capital that way? What a huge opportunity!!

I highly suggest you research this further and get on with it now!


Until Next Time

Remember to Live Life and Have Fun


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