Black Sabbath Top UK Charts for First Time in 43 Years

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Black Sabbath 13 Album Cover

Can you believe it, 43 years on and Black Sabbath are back at the top of the UK Charts with their new album ’13’

Has any other band in history had a come back like that after so many years? I seriously doubt it!

Check out the article below from


The latest Black Sabbath release “13” has officially topped the UK Albums Chart, earning the metal pioneers their first chart topper since 1970’s “Paranoid.”

According to the Official Charts Company, the lengthy 43-year break between the two No. 1 spots had also set the record for the longest gap between two chart topping efforts.


Singer Ozzy Osbourne was clearly caught off guard with the album’s success, admitting it was something he never expected.


“I’m in shock, the success of this album has blown me off my feet,” Ozzy said (via Yahoo! TV). “We’ve never had a record climb the charts so fast.”

The previous record holder for the longest chart topper gap was Rod Stewart with a total of 37 years. Osbourne gave the fellow vocalist all the props he deserves, praising his skills, unlike most modern artists which he described as “manufactured bulls–t.”

“Rod’s the same as us, we’ve got something other people haven’t got,” the singer said. “It’s all manufactured bulls–t these days. But the likes of Rod, and Elton John and us have got something different. We know our craft.”

As far as the “13” follow-up goes, Osbourne said that the group would “probably” release another album, but also stressed that he can’t guarantee anything just yet.

“We’re still reveling in coming back with this,” he commented. “I don’t want to promise anything to anyone. It took us long enough to do this, and we can’t wait another 43 years to have another number one. If it comes to pass we don’t make another record, then I can rest easily knowing we finished things properly with ’13.'”

The album raced Liam Gallagher‘s Beady Eye and their latest effort “BE” for the No. 1 spot, ultimately outselling it by 13,000 copies and claiming the top position.

“13” dropped on June 11 via Vertigo/Universal Records as the nineteenth Sabbath record and the first one to feature Ozzy handling the vocal duties since 1978’s “Never Say Die.”


So I have to wonder where this leaves them, do they tour this to death and then quit or do you think Ozzy and the boys will get back in the studio? Let me know your thoughts by clicking the speech mark at the top right of this post.



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If you’ve heard the new Sabbath album and want to post a review please do so in the comments!

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