Are your tattoos an expression of who you are?

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While I was walking my dog Rocket the other day a guy walked past me with both arms fully sleeved in tattoos and I wondered if people judged him for that. It is still a sad fact in this day and age that people can, and do, get judged for having tattoos. It is not as prevelant these days as it once was and yet it can still happen.


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I recently read this excellent article by Lance Winslow………………………………………..

Most folks that understand the negative stigma amongst some in our population towards those who have tattoos, and then when we think about it, it’s almost as if we want to step in and remind them that they are people too and it is not wise to be so judgmental. Not long ago, a psychologist and I sat down at Starbucks and had a conversation about this. Interestingly enough, even those with …………………. to read the rest of this article CLICK HERE!

In my opinion some people want to be judged for their tattoos, some people go out of their way to show them off and to stick them in peoples faces and say ‘look at me’. However that should not reflect on those of us who have tattoos for our own reasons. Whatever your reason for your tattoos I hope you are never judged for them!
By the way, the guy I was talking about earlier who had both arms sleeved was a really nice guy! I stopped him and asked about his ink; it turns out that he has one arm dedicated to his son and the other to his daughter!
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Remember to Live Life and Have fun
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