Independent Online Guitar Lessons – Review

Hi All and Welcome to the Thursday post from Music2Tattoos!

Today I’m reviewing an independent online guitar lessons site called Scale Trainer.

Online Guitar Lessons

Scale Trainer Online Guitar Lessons

There are many online guitar lessons sites out there on the web, some good, some great and some downright awful! There are also some that will simply rip you off. There are a few ‘big’ sites that are top quality and supply massive amounts of video lessons and ebook lessons etc but the one thing you don’t get from them is a personal service.

Personal service is something that Neil from Scale Trainer prides himself on, whatever your question he will do his best to answer and help you out. You can contact him through his website or he is on both Facebook and Twitter so make sure you catch up with him on there as well.

The website itself is based on a wordpress blog and Neil regularly updates it with useful hints, tips and some great free lessons. Neil has also offered a one time opportunity to get one of his EBooks for FREE only to Music2Tattoos readers!!

Click Here Now and sign up to his newsletter and you’ll get his Ebook, that he usually sells for $7, for FREE!!!

Signing up to his newsletter will not only give you the free ebook but it will also keep you up to date with all of his blog posts / lessons, which is so useful if (like me) you don’t have the time to keep popping back to his blog to keep up with the posts. I simply wait for the weekly email detailing what lessons are available and then choose the ones I want.

I highly recommend you visit Neil at Scale Trainer whether you are a beginner or you’ve been playing for a while and want to improve your skills further – he’s the man who can help! So make sure you head over to Scale Trainer today by Clicking Here Now! To be honest I haven’t seen a better independent online guitar lessons site out there!

Until Next time

Remember to Live Life and Have Fun


P.S. Make sure you visit Scale Trainer Now


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