Indie Music Artists – The Power of Email Marketing

Hello there and welcome to the Monday post on Music2Tattoos!

Today I want to offer some information to the Indie Music Artists out there trying to make it in a tough industry and my first question is ‘Do you use email as part of your marketing package?’


Check out the Music Marketing Manifesto for everything you need to make it as an Indie Music Artist!


In my experience Email Marketing is something that is missing on so many Indie Musicians websites and yet it is such a powerful way of staying in touch with your audience – Why? I hear you cry………….. well let’s have a look at the 2 main social media ways you can stay in touch……………

Facebook……………… On average people spend 19 minutes per day on Facebook so if you post at the wrong time it may well slip through their timeline and the might not see it!

Twitter………………… Take a look at your Twitter feed and see just how quickly tweets disapear from the page – seconds right? With so many tweets it’s hard to stay on anyones page for long!

Now here’s the beauty of Email Marketing………………. what you send them is in their email box, all you need is a great subject line to get them to open it!! It doesn’t go anywhere, it doesn’t disapear from a feed page it just sits there until they open it! Oh and by the way if you’ve built your website on WordPress (and why wouldn’t you have?) you can get an awesome email autoresponder for free!!!!!

Here’s how simple email marketing for Indie Music Artists can be…………………

  1. Set up the Plugin on WordPress (search for the Wysija Autoresponder) and put the sign up form in prominent places. If you’re website is not built on WordPress you will need a program like Aweber which unfortunately you need to pay for!
  2. Set up the first few autoresponder messages with great content so that people get interested in what you have to say.
  3. Give away some great free info for signing up to your newsletter – an exclusive video or mp3 download would be awesome.
  4. Send everyone from your Facebook and Twitter feeds to your website and ask them to sign-up to the Newsletter and tell them about the awesome free offer.
  5. Write 1 Newsletter per week containing the following……………
  • Great info about you / your band – some small personal info is always a winner
  • If you run a blog add links to your blog posts from that week
  • If you put any info on Facebook / Twitter that you didn’t put on your blog make sure you mention that
  • Links to your Facebook / Twitter pages so that new people to your site can join you on Social Media
  • A link to a video / MP3 of yours
  • Finally (and crucially) a link to where they can buy your latest song / album

Then keep going, keep writing every week – make it as interesting as possible so that people want to read more and more.

Once everything is set up make sure you send everyone you can to your website to sign up for the newsletter – add it to posters and fliers, mention it at gigs, add it to you description on Facebook and Twitter and add a link to your YouTube account. For this to work TRAFFIC IS KEY!


Music Marketing Manifesto is a program designed specifically for the Independent Music Artists and Musicians; it gives you a step by step guide to every type of marketing you can imagine to get your music out there and make money!

What’s more it’s from an indie artist who has been there and done it, he has been through the tough times and has found a way out – you can now follow his exact system and do the same.

Click Here Now to head to the Music Marketing Manifesto website and see just whats on offer!


I can’t even begine to describe how important email marketing will be to your audience and therefore your sales; please make sure you investigate this more and then get an autoresponder set up – I promise you’ll see the difference!

Until Next Time

Remember to Live Life and Have Fun


P.S. If you want more info about email marketing for Indie Music Artists the Music Marketing Manifesto has a huge section on it!

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