Have Black Sabbath still got the magic?

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The rumours and whispers eventually were all true; for so long people have been talking about a new album from Black Sabbath and it’s now very close…………………. but have they still got the magic?

Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath

While reading the Ultimate Guitar website I found this interview with Ozzy Osbourne about their latest music.

Click Here to read the article now!

Now I have to say that I’m very much a Sabbath fan and the new song sounds really good but one thing I am not a fan of is long songs and I’m afriad that 9 minutes pushes it too far for me. I think as a general rule if a song is over 4 minutes it is too long (there are obviously exceptions but this is my general rule!)

Will I be buying thr album? Of course I will!! Why wouldn’t any fan be buying it?

I just hope it is not filled with 9 minutes songs 🙂

Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne

For now though head off and enjoy the interview and I’ll speak to you again soon!

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One thought on “Have Black Sabbath still got the magic?

  1. The 4 minute rule for a great song is ideal
    9 minutes is long unless the song is melodic and has purpose. I love rock and have done since i was 11
    Big fan of AOR and Prog music
    Led Zep got away with 9mins (awesome drum n guitar solos). But Black Sabs never been high on my list of classic great rock bands, i look forward to hearing there new album with curiosity
    Keep Rocking Bro

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