What is your favorite song to cover on guitar?

Hi there and welcome once again to my Music2Tattoos Blog!

While I was walking my dog ‘Rocket’ the other morning I was thinking about what songs were my favorites to cover, what would be the first song I’d put on when I wanted to play along? What was my favorite song to play with my band The Rocket Dogs – It’s a tough choice isn’t it!!


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Despite spending some considerable time thinking about this while Rocket and I plodded around on his walk I couldn’t come up with one defnitive song so I thought I’d offer a list of my 5 favourites:-

  • All Day & All of the Night – The Kinks
  • Chelsea Dagger – The Fratellis
  • Wanted Dead or Alive – Bon Jovi
  • I Fought the Law – The Clash
  • Vertigo – U2

They are in no particular order and to be honest if you ask me in a weeks time they might have changed! But isn’t that the beauty of music, whether you listen or play – you can be really in to a song and think it’s the best thing you’ve ever heard……….. then 10 minutes later another song comes on and all of a sudden that’s the best thing you’ve ever heard!

I wrote a post a while back now called “Why is Music so Emotive” (you can see it now by clicking the link) and this is another reason! There is no right or worng answer to your favourite song because (for me at least) it can change from one song to the next!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on your favourite songs to cover on guitar, add a comment by clicking the little speech bubble to the top right of this post!

Until Next Time

Remember to Live Life and Have Fun


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