David Draiman’s Device – Album Review

David Draiman from Device

David Draiman from Device

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Today I’m going to review the new self titled album by Device; the side project from the lead singer of Disturbed – David Draiman. The album was released around the world on 8th / 9th April 2013 and my initial thoughts were that is it compellingly strange!

First off here is the track listing:

1. You Think You Know
2. Penance
3. Vilify
4. Close My Eyes Forever (featuring Lzzy Hale)
5. Out of Line (featuring Serj Tankian and Terry “Geezer” Butler)
6. Hunted
7. Opinion (featuring Tom Morello)
8. War of Lies
9. Haze (featuring M. Shadows)
10. Through it All (featuring Glenn Hughes)

Now let me explain my ‘Compellingly Strange’ comment from earlier…………. the album appears to have a very mixed bag of influences that include; Disturbed (this was always going to be the case with Draiman at the helm), the industrial sound of Rammstein and even some later (and heavier) Gary Newman – yes he of ‘Cars’ fame! Although to be fair if you haven’t heard the rock / metal version of Cars Gary Newman did with Nine Inch Nails you are missing out!

The reason the album is compellingly strange is that while there are so many different influences it makes it slightly strange yet I can’t help but feel compelled to keep listening to it!

Device Album Cover Art - David Draiman

Device Album Cover Art – David Draiman

The album starts with (in my opinion) the weakest track ‘You Think You Know’ but then gets better from there! The first single ‘Vilify’ rips your ears to pieces with the undoubted vocal strength of David Draiman pumping through; ‘Close My Eyes’ is almost a ballad (well in Draimans terms anyway) and the guest vocalist compliments his vocals perfectly.

Then you get to War of Lies which has some of the most complex drumming I’ve ever heard on a track – some of it too complex for my liking, it almost seems like they wanted to make it as complicated as possible which actually detracts from a very good song.

Then, for me, the shock song on the album! ‘Haze’ has guest vocals by M.Shadows from Avenged Sevenfold; Now I have to be honest and say I’m not and Avenged Sevenfold fan so was concerned as to what he could bring to this album. To my surprise this is up there as one of the best tracks on the album and one that I can see myself listening to over and over!

The album closes with ‘Through it All’ which has a very industrial sound that, when it starts, could be a Rammstein song! It thunders through to the end of the album in style and when I got there I had this urge to listen to the whole album again so that I could really hear all the nuances that have been thrown in with some electronic sounds and the featuring guests altering your state of what you imagined this album to be.

All in all I’ll give it 8 out of 10; it’s not a perfect album but it is a bloody good one! It will split the fans of David Draiman and Distrubed as some of them will appreciate the slightly heavier tones whereas some would have wanted the inclusion of the rock riffs and solos that are a part of the Disturbed sound.

Having seen Disturbed live these guys will have a lot to live up to when they hit the tour circuit but with Draiman’s energy both vocally and physically I’m sure they’ll put on a great show!

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2 thoughts on “David Draiman’s Device – Album Review

    • Try Again!
      Gary Numan has often been on stage with Nine Inch Nails doing Cars! In fact Trent Reznor has been quoted as having him as an inspiration!
      Have a look on YouTube!
      My research is done, is yours?

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