Is this the best Drum Kit ever? Tommy Lee’s Roller Coaster!

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I was chatting to my best friend and lead singer in my band The Rocket Dogs (you can see who we are and what we do by clicking on the link on the left of this blog!) and remembering when we wnt to see Motley Crue and Def Leppard play last year and it reminded me of the most amazing drum kit I’ve ever seen!

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Before I get to that take a look at this article I found on the importance of taking drum lessons!

If you’re willing to practice the techniques you learn from drum lessons regularly, then drum lessons are definitely for you. However, if you’re not willing to make a daily time commitment to practicing playing the drums, you still can benefit from taking lessons, but you’ll definitely learn at a much slower pace then a drummer who practices would.
The main reason that regular practice is so important for drummers is that when you practice something like a drum roll, the movements done by your fingers and wrists slowly get imbedded in your muscle memory, making it easier for you to play a drum roll the next
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Now I’m both a Motley Crue and a Def Leppard fan but it has to be said that while Def Leppard were headlining Motley Crue were the stars of the show! Their performance was simply amazing and they wiped the floor with Def Leppard; the energy that these guys show on stage is incredible. It’s unfortunate that Cure have called time on the band and I can only hope that their last album release will be worthy of everything they have done – and that they come over to their UK on their farewell tour!

We’d heard rumours about Tommy Lee’s kit and even seen some pictures but it was awesome to see in real life; a kit that runs on a roller coaster and turns upside down while Tommy continues to play – words cannot describe what we saw. It does, however, make you realise just how good Tommy Lee is as a drummer because that must be very disorientating; to be upside down and still be pounding away on the skins! Check out the pic below!


When you’re in to your music and love going to concerts seeing something like this lasts a lifetime in the memory; I hope that if they do come back to the UK he brings something else spectacular with him!

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Well that’s it for now; I’m off to see if I can get my guitar amp on a rollercoaster!
Until Next Time
Remember to Live Life and Have Fun!


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One thought on “Is this the best Drum Kit ever? Tommy Lee’s Roller Coaster!

  1. I remember seeing them back when he 1st did this. It was a saturday in Edinburghs Playhouse because i saw Van Halen on the friday in the same place and i saw a small up n coming band at the venue called the Red Hot Chillis
    Any way.Crue were awesome simply blew my mind with guitar riffs abound and a couple of outstanding drum solos (best since Cozy Powel)

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