Indie Music Artists – A New Opportunity?

Good Morning from here in a very cold UK!

It’s supposed to be spring but it feels more like winter over here right now! Apparently at the same time last year it was 20 degrees warmer – incredible! Mind you at least I’ve got some great music to keep me warm.

Today I want to introduce the Indie Music Artists out there to something that I think could be a huge opportunity to build an audience, fans and hopefulyl sales. Mobile Apps are huge around the world and established artists are starting to use Apps as a seperate stream of advertising and now the Indie Music Artists out there can do the same!

Click Here to check out the Green App Machine

It was while walking my dog this morning (how cold was I???) that it dawned upon me what an opportunity the Mobile App is for independent music; lets have a look at the stats just for a second……………….

– There are 1 BILLION Smart Phone users in the world
– That means 1 in every 7 people have a Smart Phone
30 MILLION Apps per DAY are downloaded around the world
– Apps are the fastest growing indusrty in history!

With those sort of figures why wouldn’t you get involved? Well, the truth is that up until now Apps have been expensive to create. If you have a spare $5000 – $10,000 then you would be OK but the truth of it is that most indie music artists don’t have that sort of money. It would also take months to get all the software sorted and written and get it to market and again who has the time for that when you are putting all of your efforts in to your music and growing your reputation and audience. Fortunately now there is a different way that changes all of that!

But before I get in to that just think for a moment about making your music global through a Mobile App; you can tell all of your friends, followers, fans across Twitter, Facebook and anywhere else you advertise and they can then go and tell their friends. Imagine those people going and downloading your App and listening to your music and then buying into your music, your sound.

But here’s the best thing, the App is live to all of those people who have a smart phone and therefore they could also find your app and your music: 1 Billion smart phone users and 30 million downloads per day can’t be wrong! Oh and did I mention that it would also bring in revenue that you can pump back in to your music? That’s right, you can (if you wish) sell the App and therefore make some money to help you and your music along.

So how easy is it to create your own app? Well, you’re probably not going to believe this but it can be created in around 12-15 minutes! And the cost is a tiny fraction of what it used to be….. honestly you need to see the video and the software to believe it!

Click here now to head to The Green App Machine

WAIT! Before you head over there I want to tell you one important thing and I really need you to hear this, really tune in to what I’m saying here …………. These apps are really powerful but very few people are using them for indie music purposes yet – but it’s coming! As I said earlier in this post the big name bands are starting to use this incredible technology so you can get in ahead of the game! Head over to The Green App Machine now and get ahead of the game; this truly will be another huge step for the music industry……….. be in front!

Other useful sites for Indie Music Artists….

If you haven’t yet downloaded my F!ree EBook on how to get more Twitter Followers to your music then you can get it by CLICKING HERE NOW!

Indie Connect is a great site for helping to get your music heard and helping you through the music industry mine field!

The Blueprint To Getting Heard is a really useful EBook for helping you to relly get your music out there and increased your chances of getting signed!


Right, I must go feed the dog before he starts eating me!

Until Next Time,
Remember to Live Life and Have Fun


Make sure you head over to The Green App Machine now to get your music involved in the fastest growing industry in history!

You can also join me on Twitter @grahamnicholls5 and make sure you add your email address to the box on the right of the screen so I can keep you up to date with my blog and I’ll send you 2 F!ree ebooks just for signing up!


8 thoughts on “Indie Music Artists – A New Opportunity?

  1. Graham Nicholls, I’m wondering how does the Green App measure up to specialized music apps such as the ones customized for music artists through ReverbNation for example which are marketing specific?

    • The honest truth is they are fairly comparible I just found the Green App to have more options to make it your own.
      Having said that I can’t knock any of the other apps as they are all useful tools for driving listeners to indie music!
      Do you have experience with the Reverbnation app? if so what are your thougths on it?

      • No, I haven’t personally experienced ReverbNation’s music app as of yet. Right now I’m in exploratory mode. I was referred there by 2 friends who use it and recommends it as a great mobile marketing tool. It doesn’t sound bad at $99 per year for Android and $299 per year for Android plus Apple. Where with Green App you’re shelling out around $600 annually but GA offers more business diversification and the App ownership is quite compelling. I haven’t made a decision yet, I’m still doing my due diligence.

      • I will be spending a little more time measuring my options but I most certainly do not mind returning to your blog which I find friendly and interesting to report on my final app decision and why. After all, this is the information age and I enjoy sharing in as much as I enjoy taking out. I have chose the notification setting in order to keep up with your updated blog posts. Best Regards, ~Raphael~

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