Favourite Guitarist List Part Three – Mick Mars

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Today I’m bringing you the third part in my favourite guitarist list; the previous 2 parts Richie Sambora and CC DeVille) have bought some interesting discussions on Twitter so we’ll see what today’s brings.

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Mick Mars

Number three in my favourite guitarists list is the Motley Crue axe man Mick Mars!
Despite writing some of the best riffs and licks of his era he is very rarely mentioned in the ‘Best Guitarists of All Time’ lists but I have no idea why! I mean it’s not like his band weren’t in the news most weeks for their sex, drugs & rock n roll lifestyles; maybe because the likes of Vince Neil, Tommy Lee and Nikki Sixx were all so wild he seemed almost normal!

However, whether he is in the lists or not there is no denying his talent or his influence on other guitarists. The main riff on Girls Girls Girls is one of my favourites and one of the first riffs I tried to learn when I firts picked up a guitar. But the best bit about that song is the little run down at the end which is incredibly quick yet accurate considering how drunk he was at the time! (If you haven’t read the Motley Crue book ‘The Dirt’ you really should – the story goes that the moment he finished that little rundown he fell off the chair he was sitting on as he was that drunk.)

Despite a degenerative spinal disease that causes him pain on a daily basis he still goes out and plays music and entertains and is still up there as one of the best guitarists ever. I’ve seen them a few times and he still hits ever note in every solo and riff – simply out standing!

Of course it is all coming to an end it would seem as Nikki Sixx announced the other day that Motley Crue would be quitting after a farewell tour! See the article on Ultimate Guitar by clicking below:


It’s certainly my hope that Mick Mars gets the recognition and respect he deserves and I for one will still be faithfully listening to Motley Crue albums and doing my best to play along with him!

What do you think of Mick Mars and Motley Crue? One of the best or not even close? Add your comments by clicking the little speech bubble at the top right of this post!

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Right, all this talking about Mick Mars has got me started so I’m off to listen to Carnival of Sins Live!!
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