Bon Jovi, Because We Can – Album Review


Hi All and Welcome to Music2Tattoos,

Today I thought I’d review the new Bon Jovi album; Because We Can.

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Now, it’s worth saying before I start that I’m a huge Bon Jovi fan having grown up with their music, been to many of the concerts and now play a few of their songs in my covers band The Rocket Dogs! In my opinion their best period was around the time of the New Jersey Album; they were fresh off the back of success of Slippery When Wet and the world wide tour playing to millions of people. AT this point in their career they had found the secret to writing the stadium anthems that they are so famous for.

Unfortunately this seems to have left them on this album! While the first single has a catchy hook with the sing-a-long chorus it doesn’t deliver the power that I had expected. It seems as though this is not a Bon Jovi album but a Jon Bon Jovi album as the roaring riffs from Richie Sambora are no where to be heard, they great blend of keys and guitar is way in to the background and at the forefront is Jon’s voice. Bon Jovi are famous for the sound that the band makes yet this album is about Jon’s voice and therefore not a Bon Jovi album

I hurts me to say this as I love them as a band and their music has almost been the theme tune to my life as it has so many others but the reported falling out between Jon and Richie is evident to hear as Richie’s parts get pushed further and further backwards. The arrogance and ego of Jon has taken over and it has not done them any favours.

In my opinion I can only give this album a 2 out of 5 star rating – I will go and see them when they tour in the summers but it will be to sing along to the older material and not the songs from this album I’m afraid.

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That’s all for today so until next time,
Remember to Live Life and have fun

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