Why is music so emotive?

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It doesn’t matter what mood I’m in or even what mood I want to be in, music has the ability to take me away to somewhere else. Music has the ability to transform my mood and to take me from sad to happy in an instant (and the other way around sometimes)

Playing music for me is even more emotive than just listening to it; if you want to learn to play guitar and get involved with something that can change your life then check out Infinite Guitar by Clicking Here Now!

So why is music so emotive? I’d love to hear your thoughts……… add them to the comments by clicking the little speech bubble at the top right of this post! Check out the article entitled “Can Music Really Make you a Happier Person” By Duane Shinn……………….

How many times have you turned to music to uplift you even further in happy times, or sought the comfort of music when melancholy strikes?
Music affects us all. But only in recent times have scientists sought to explain and quantify the way music impacts us at an emotional level. Researching the links between
………… You can read the rest of this article by Clicking Here!

I’ve loved music from a young age and whether it be singing along in the shower or when driving, playing air guitar to a classic rock riff, playing air drums to a powerful drum beat, singing along with 50,000 others at a concert or just sitting and listening to something slower and more relaxing – there is very little else in the world that can drag me along so powerfully.

But; it wasn’t until I started playing music that I really found the true joy in it! You see it is almost indescribable the emotion that flows through you when you play along to the first song you ever learn and get it right all the way through for the first time – it feels like you’ve reached a pinnacle of experience. Then, however, joining a band and playing with other musicians is a whole other experience; it is completely different to playing along with a CD or MP3 – it’s live and fluid and suddenly you’ve reached a new height.

Then when you get to play live to an audience the feelings of fear and nervousness before hand are removed by your first round of applause…….. and then ……….. the ultimate happens…….. the audience sings along to a song you are playing! Whether you are playing a song you’ve written or a cover song it doesn’t matter; to know that people are enjoying themselves enough that they want to sing it back to you provides a rush like electric running through your body.

The first time I ever played live I was so nervous and the first set was awful; to the point that myself and the singer nearly gave up and went home! But we decided to carry on with the second set and it was like a transformation; we hit the first note of the first song and never looked back! The very last sing we played that night was “Wanted, Dead or Alive” by Bon Jovi and we had the whole place singing along.

I still remember to this day sitting in my car afterwards just screaming and shouting in delight and not getting any sleep that night! From that point on I was hooked and still am to this day! If you want to hear what my current band sound like click here to head to our soundcloud page.

If I’ve grabbed you tight enough that you want to get involved and learn to play, if I’ve found the right wave length so that you really hear what I’m saying then get involved now and get started!
Infinite Guitar is a great place for both beginners and more experienced guitar players to improve skills and get involved in the emotive journey that playing music really is! Click Here Now to head straight to Infinite Guitar.

Other useful sites!
If Guitar isn’t your thing and you still want to get involved in music then how about:

Drums – Learn to play drums by ear with this great site – click the link now
Bass – JamPlay’s Bass site is a great site to get you started or drive your skills onwards

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Remember to Live Life and Have Fun!!

P.S. head over to Infinite Guitar now and get started on your musical emotive journey!

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