How do you cope with a painful tattoo session?

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Its the first question on everyone’s lips when they go to get their first tattoo – “does it hurt?” and the honest answer is……….. it can do but it is dependent on so many things! So what do you do to cope if you’re having a tattoo and its painful?

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I’ve had tattoos that didn’t hurt (actually I was lulled into a false sense of security because my first ever tattoo didn’t hurt a bit) and I’ve had ones that did hurt (my right upper arm was killing me by the time I’d been sat there 3 ½ hours!). I’ve found my own way to cope with the pain!

Check out this article by John Jason Anderson on the Art of Blocking Out the Pain!

Pain of tattoos varies depending on the person, the place, and sometimes the artist. Some people actually enjoy the sensation, and this could be due to higher levels of serotonin in the brain. The serotonin is a pain blocker that can lead to feelings of euphoria. This chemical reaction can lead to elimination of tattoo pain. Then there are some of us who do not have a high pain tolerance and the pain of a tattoo can be more intense. Then there are parts of the body that are very sensitive. These areas include ……………….. to read the rest of this article Click Here Now!

My own way of coping is to do the following:

• Make sure I’ve had sugar based products before hand – Coke, Chocolate etc (No this isn’t just an excuse to eat chocolate! This keeps your blood sugar levels up which can drop when you’re in pain!)
• I take a bottle of Coke in with me and keep sipping it – again keeping up my blood sugar levels
• I never look at the area while it’s being tattoo’d, focusing on it just focuses the pain
• I chat about anything and everything to the tattoo artist or a friend if one has come with me
• If all else fails I close my eyes and put myself somewhere else, somewhere that I enjoy being – usually up on stage with my band, rocking out!

I’d love to know what you do to cope with the pain, add a comment by clicking the little speech bubble at the top right of this post. It would be great if you’ve got a secret tip that everyone can benefit from! Go on, share the knowledge!

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Other Useful Tattoo Sites

Tattoo Me Now is one of the biggest archives of designs but also has a community of over 60000 people to get involved with

Get Rid Tattoo offers a natural way to remove those unwanted or poor quality tattoos! Got an ex’s name inked on to you that you want rid of? Then this is for you!


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Remember to live life and have fun!

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3 thoughts on “How do you cope with a painful tattoo session?

  1. Srry 😉 as I was saying I clench my teeth and sing along with the song, in my head of course. But again this really does help. I don’t know much about how the brain works and I would love for someone to tell me why this is so effective. I’ve sat thru 8 tattoos and though they are not huge I really am a big baby and can’t tolerate a hang nail let alone a needle digging at my skin. 😉

    • I think the act of singing even to yourself takes your focus away from what’s going on 🙂
      It’s what works for you that counts!

      Hope you’ve got your next one planned!!!

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