My Proudest Moment in Music!!

Hi, it’s Graham here from Music2Tattoos and today is purely self pride post 🙂

I’ve been playing in cover bands for years now and have had some awesome moments but none compare with this. Last night my band mates and I went to pick up the CD we recorded a couple of weeks ago and it has blown me away!

We recorded everything live – i.e. there was no recording each part individually then mixing it all professionally, tweaking bits here and there! This was just us; 5 blokes in a studio for one day, playing our hearts out and doing our best to make it sound great! And I have to say that I think we achieved that and I’m so proud of it as I know the rest of the band are!

So let me introduce you to The Rocket Dogs!


Yep; that’s us! We’re a covers band who love to play live! We play with high energy and believe in entertaining the crowd! We can generally put a rock spin on most things – as you’ll hear when you listen to the tracks 🙂


So here’s the track listing:

Chelsea Dagger – A rockin version of the Fratellis song
Born to be Wild – Clssic rock at its best, done Rocket Dog style
All Day & All of the Night – More classic riff rock from the Kinks done our way
Tainted Love – The Marylin Manson version has nothing on this!
Dakota – More up to date with a Stereophonics cover
Great Balls of Fire – Finally a rip rawing rock version of a rock n roll classic!

And you can CLICK HERE NOW to head straight to our SoundCloud account and listen to them! (free downloads will be available soon!)

I’d love to hear your comments on the tracks; click the little speech bubble at the top right of this post to let me know what you think!

If you want to follow us more check out our FaceBook page by clicking below and hit ‘LIKE’

That’s it for today!
Remember to Live Life and Have Fun!!


CLICK HERE to listen to the tracks now!


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