What’s the most iconic Guitar Amp?

Hi it’s Graham here; welcome to another blog post from Music2Tattoos!

If you’ve read my previous blog posts you’ll know I’m a fan of my rock music, if it rocks I like it! My favorite era for rock music was the 80’s hair rock and metal and there was nothing more iconic back then than seeing a bank of Marshall Amps and Speaker Cabinets from one side of the stage to another (even if they weren’t all plugged in!)

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I was reading through some articles the other day and because of my love for the Marshall Amps I got hooked by this one written by Dave Wesenburg………………

Choosing an amplifier for your guitar can be a tough thing. In this article you are about to read, we are going to be reviewing some of the top Marshall Guitar Amps. These amps include the Marshall MG412A, the MHZ40C, the AS50D, the JVM215C 2-channel guitar combo amp, and the JVM205C
1 – Marshall MG412A Angled Guitar Speaker Cabinet
The first Marshall guitar amp we are going to be reviewing is the Marshall MG412A. This amp is slowly becoming one of Marshalls……………… to read the rest of this article CLICK HERE!


Here’s 2 icons of rock music (Slash and Lemmy) on stage together and what are they rocking with in the background? You got it; they are rocking with Marshall Amps.

Slash and Lemmy are just 2 iconic artists to use Marshall Amps but the list is almost endless; just to name a few others…………………

Jeff Beck
Billie Joe Armstrong
Ritchie Blackmore
Eric Clapton
Joan Jett
Kerry King
Mick Mars
Mike McCready
Keith Nelson
Joe Perry
Richie Sambora

Do I need to go on?

While other amps are around and can create a great sound Marhsall have managed to corner the market on sounding and looking awesome. Their classic warm yet rocking sound has graced many stages around the world and their white logo on the black background is an easily recognisable brand. Their sounds and designs have stood the test of time and will do for many years into the future!

I use a Marshall Amp and Head when I play and I love them (OK it’s only a covers band but I want to sound good right?), my ambition is to have a JCM800 head but that’s a way off yet! What do you use? Do you agree that the Marshall is the most iconic rock amp? Add your comments by clicking the little speech bubble to the top right of this blog post! I’d love to hear what you have to say!

If you love Rock music and you’re learning to play guitar then learning some classic rock licks and riffs can really improve your playing – it certainly improved mine! It starts to open your eyes as to how all of those chord progressions and scales you’ve been learning can be used and how they can be combined to produce awesome sound riffs and licks.

This level of understanding will help you to play better whether it be playing cover tracks in a band (like I do!), just playing along in your bedroom or if you want to write your own music you will have a greater knowledge of what works well and what doesn’t.

Rock Licks is a website that will help you with that; it will teach you 96 classic rock licks and riffs that will get you started on this path and really improve your playing!
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Right I’m off to plug in and have a rock out to some awesome riffs 🙂
Until next time, remember to live life and have fun!

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