Part Two – Fave Guitarists List! …………… PLUS A Special Offer!!!

Hi it’s Graham here once again; welcome to part 2 of my Favourite Guitarists at Music2Tattoos!

As promised the other week I’m going to periodically add in one of my favourite guitarists and today is part two of the story! If you’ve read some of my previous blog posts you’ll know I’m a fan of the 80’s rock and metal and today’s guitarist is picked direct from that era – CC DeVille!

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In the 80’s Poison were up there as one of the best Rock and Hair Metal bands going and they were driven by the guitar riffs of CC DeVille! Check out this article I found by Teri L John on the top 5 Poison Songs…….. I wonder if you agree with her! Add your comments by clicking the little speech bubble at the top right of this blog!

In the early 1980’s, classic hard rock band Poison moved to Los Angeles along with many other bands to try to get a record deal. What separated Poison from the rest was self-promotion. They personally put out flyers on every windshield and telephone pole around. After all their hard work they were discovered and signed by a record label. Poison had the look and songs to make it big. It didn’t take long for Poison to go from an opening act to a national headlining band. The following are my choices of the 5 best songs from Poison.

Every Rose Has Its Thorn
This power ballad is one of the best…………………. Read the rest of this article by Clicking Here


CC DeVille created some of the most amazing rock riffs and solos of his era; whether it be the simple riff in ‘Talk Dirty To Me’ or the rhythmic solo in ‘Nothin But A Good Time’ he certainly knew how to grab you by the ***** and keep hold of you!
Unfortunately his demise in to a drug and alcohol fuelled existence (as was so typical of the period) shortened his (and possibly Poison’s) success. However his riffs and solos will live on forever in those songs that can still make me rock whenever I hear them!

Check out to see his full story on Wikipedia!

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Remember to Live Life and Have Fun

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