Confessions – Buckcherry Album Review

Josh Todd

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Is Josh Todd the embodiment of the Tattoo’d Rockstar? Probably yes, and the embodiment of everything this blog is about – great music and great tattoo designs! And in my opinion if Buchcherry had released what turned out to be their breakthrough album ’15’ at around the same time Guns ‘n’ Roses came on to the scene they may well have been up there with them as ultimate rockstars of that era!

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I’ve been a fan of Buckscherry since I heard their album ’15’ and have seen them live a couple of times; their energy live is incredible and allows them to pull the crowd up to a frenzie! But does their new album ‘Confessions’ live up to expectations?

’15’ is without doubt one of my top 10 albums and one of my “Go-To” albums if I need to rock out whereas Black Butterfly (the album that followed) didn’t quite grab me as much! So I listened to Confessions with some trepidation as I so wanted it to be aweseome. Now while I wasn’t let down it still doesn’t reach the heights of ’15’

The album is based around the 7 deadly sins and starts off with the rocking ‘Gluttony’ which tears your ears off from the start. There is then the excellent mix of full on rock and power ballards that Buckcherry have become known for; the seem to have the knack of getting the balance just right.

“Nothing Left but Tears” is a great song and although I’m sure they wouldn’t like the comparison its almost Bon Jovi-ish! Josh Todd goes deep inside on the song “Sloth” as he deals with his fathers suicide when he was just a boy.

They really do have a strong song writing talent in this band that should keep them going for a few years to come and if you haven’t yet seen them live you need to grab the chance when you can. While this album will please those who are already Buckcherry fans I’m not convinced it will win new ones! It is a really good album but still doesn’t quite live up to ’15’

Overall I’ll give it a 4 out of 5 Star rating!

If you haven’t heard anything by Buckcherry before and like your rock music then get their album ’15’ first!

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