Do Indie Music Artists need Mentors? Would you get one?

Good Morning and Happy Monday to you all!!

As humans we sometimes find it tough to realise we need help and even tougher to admit we need help! It’s even tougher when that help comes at a cost. We are proud, determined people that work hard to get the results we want but what happens when you don’t get those results?
Indie Connect is a website dedicated to helping Independent Music Artists to make it in their career,

Click Here to have a look now or read on for more info………………..

First though here’s an article from an Indie Music Blogger by the name of Ralph P Sutton who certainly knows what he’s talking about………………………

What is Indie Music Marketing?
Yeah, you know it’s something you have to do, and you have at least some hold of what is it. You recognize it when you see it most of the time. But at its most basic level, can you explain what it is? And more importantly, can you spell out the basic elements of effective Indie Music marketing? Because, after all, if you’re going to invest your time and energy in promotion, it better be effective. Right? Don’t worry if you can’t come up with………………. If you want to read the rest of this article you can do so by CLICKING HERE!

So what is Mentoring? The dictionary defines mentoring as…………….
“An experienced and trusted advisor” “An experienced person who trains and counsels”

Now imagine you, as an independent music artist, had someone who is experienced within the industry helping you, advising you; how does that sound to you? I know that to achieve the success of others I must know what they have done so that I can emulate it and that is exactly what a mentor brings to the party! If you knew someone who could help, advise and train you would you be talking to them and asking for help? Yes, of course you would!

Well that is just part of what Indie Connect offer!

Indie Connect has worked with 1000’s or artists just like you who are on their way up and want to sky-rocket their career path. They have experienced mentors, trainers and marketing people who are there to help you really get you music career moving. Their package is second to none so head over to their website and have a look around at what they have to offer.
Click Here to head there right now!

There are 1000’s of independent music artists out there trying to make it and, sadly, the truth is that about 97% of them won’t get anywhere – I’m sorry if you don’t like me saying that but I need to tell you the truth! Those who do make it will get one of 2 things……………

1 – A lucky break where a key producer will hear them and fast track them through the system…. or
2 – They will make sure they make it by getting help!

Do you want to take the chance that you ‘might’ get a lucky break or do you want to take your future in to your own hands, get help and go out there fighting to succeed? There’s no one going to do this for you but YOU!

Go to Indie Connect NOW!

Until Next Time
Believe in yourself and get the help you need to succeed!

P.S. make sure you get the help you need from Indie Connect and give yourself the best chance possible of succeeding.
CLICK HERE NOW to get started!

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