What are you’re favourite Guitar Rock Licks and Riffs?

Hi there and welcome to the Thursday Blog!

Yep, it’s Thursday again and nearly the weekend!

Today I’m thinking about some of the classic Rock Riffs an Licks for the guitar, over the years there have been so many that stick out. But more than that, learning them can really help improve your playing as it develops your skills and helps you see how all those scales you’ve been learning can be put into practice.

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Well, as the weekend rolls around so does another gig for my band – this time it’s a private party for 200 people and after a weekend off last weekend we should all be ready and charged to go. Private parties are always good fun as you’ve been book specifically for your audience; people will have seen or heard you and liked it so you’re on a winner straight away! There’s nothing quite like a crowd that’s on your side, it’s a bit different to just playing a pub or club that have booked you as you don’t know who will be in that night and whether they will want to listen!

Anyway, enough of my musings about the whys and wherefores of playing in a rock band! I’m here to talk about Rock Licks……………………While researching today’s site I sat reading an interesting article by Bob Moulton…………..

Many guitar players find themselves in a rut at times not knowing how to get
out. Guitarists can spend months upon months in the dreaded rut, even years
if nothing is done about it. Sometimes guitar lessons can make things worse,
depending on the situation.
One of the main symptoms of being in a rut is the feeling of ………………………… you can read the rest of this article by CLICKING HERE!

Now back to those classic Rock Licks!

I’ve tried to put together a list of my favourite songs that have awesome Riffs and Licks and found that once I started I couldn’t stop! Here’s just a few of my favourites:

Since You’ve Been Gone – Rainbow ……. We’re just starting to learn this in my band and what an awesome tune, Richie Blackmore really is a guitar god and the opening lick is just superb!
Girls Girls Girls – Motley Crue ……… I’m a huge fan of 80’s ‘hair’ rock and there weren’t many better than Crue! This is a great song to play, simple yet rocks your bits off every time!
Walk This Way – Aerosmith …………. Joe Perry never gets a mention in the ‘Top Guitrists of all Time’ lists yet he wrote some of the classic Riffs and Licks of all time. I love this song and actually got to see them perform it live a few years ago in Hyde Park London with Rev Run! Awesome!
Nothin but a Good Time – Poison ……….. Another 80’s hair rock band and such a great talent! CC DeVille was awesome on guitar (until his drug issues) and wrote some of the best tracks of the time. This song is up there with the best they did!
Jumping Jack Flash – The Rolling Stones …….. the daddies of rock may have turned into the grandfathers of rock but their songs really do pass the test of time! This is such an easy lick to play yet it gets everyone rocking whenever I play it!

So there we go, just a few of my favourites, leave me a comment below and let me know what you’re favourites are!

Rock Licks offers 96 awesome licks for you to learn and improve your guitar playing with. If you’re into rock guitar and you want to turbo charge your learning then these licks are for you. I’ve always enjoyed learning as many licks as I can, in fact it’s the way I started to play. Learning established rock licks shows you how the patterns go together and you can work out how they are built around the various scale patterns.

Rock Licks contains some great stuff for you to learn to get you on your way; if I’m honest (and I always am) it’s not the best site out there but for beginners wanting to move their playing on it’s certainly worth looking at. I’ll give it 3 out of 5 stars as I’ve definitely seen better sites.

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Until Next Time
Remember to Live Life and Have Fun!

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