Recording Pro Sounding Music at Home

Good Morning and Happy Monday to you all!

Yes, it’s Monday morning again and isn’t it amazing how fast the weekend fly’s by; no sooner is it Friday evening then it’s Monday morning! Today’s blog review is a site called The Home Recording Blueprint – you can see the site by CLICKING HERE – The site will show you how to make professional sounding recordings from your own home! More of that to come soon………………..

Do you know something, it never ceases to amaze me how quickly websites are springing up these days; I spend hours and hours researching 100’s of websites each week to bring you the best out there and I never seem to come to an end. When you consider that I am just looking for Music and Tattoo sites there are 1000’s out there to look at – it’s a good job I enjoy it really 
I am also an avid reader of blogs, articles, ezines etc and have numerous subscriptions that I read on my Kindle Fire (great bit of kit for all you gadget heads out there). Here’s an article I found last week while I was researching today’s site………………………….. it’s by Gemma King

It’s perfectly possible to make very high quality recordings at home with today’s computer technology. However, you will need to spend a fair bit of money on software, and hardware (such as high quality microphones and soundcards) in order to achieve this. BUT DON’T WORRY! It is entirely possible to make recordings at home that are very respectable in quality whilst spending only a relatively small amount of money! Even better news…it’s all pretty easy to do!
I like to think of my home recording set-up like an artist’s sketchbook. It’s somewhere to play around with my……………. You can see the rest of this article by CLICKING HERE

Now on to today’s site…… The Home Recording Blueprint

Owen Critchley may not be a household name to you and me but he has been recording and producing music from home for years and has made a very good living from it. He not only records his own music but he also writes and records music for TV Shows, Movies, Adevrtisement Companies and very successfully to! Check out his personal website here to see who he is

He has put together all of his years of knowledge and experience into a program that will train you how to record and master your own music at home if you can’t afford an expensive recording studio – and he’ll show you how to make it SOUND like it came from an expensive recording studio!
What’s more he is offering the first few chapters of his program for F!ree – yes that’s right, it won’t cost you a penny, not a dime! So you can have a look at what is on offer before deciding whether to buy the whole program – perfect!

Imagine having years of knowledge and experience at your finger tips showing you a step-by-step process of how to record your music at home and make it sound like a pro studio recording. Imagine producing your next album at home so that you keep all of the proceeds, no recording studio fees, no producer fees, no editor fees……. just you and your music!

Now imagine being able to try out the start of that training program for free so that you don’t pay out until you are satisfied it’s for you……………… an if you do buy you still get a 30 day money back guarantee…….. do you want to miss out on an opportunity like that? No, I didn’t think so.
So CLICK HERE right now to grab your free sections of his program and get started producing your own music and making money from it. Go on……………………

Right, I must go and walk the dog as he’s pestering me to go out!
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Until Next Time,
Remember to Live Life and Have Fun!


P.S. remember to head over to Owen’s site now and grab your copy of the free sections he’s giving away………….. CLICK HERE NOW to make sure you don’t miss out!


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