Can you learn to play guitar from an EBook?

Good Morning from the UK!

Today I’m going to review a site offering a downloadable PDF EBooks for learning guitar; the site name is The Guitar Suite and you can visit it now by Clicking Here!

Well, it’s still snowy and icy here in the UK and as we tend to do over here everyone is panicking, taking days off work, the schools are closing, the airports are closing or significantly reducing flight numbers………… you would honestly think the world was coming to an end! For me personally I don’t let a little bit of snow and ice stop me; I’ve still got things to do and I’m going to get on and do them.

My band has a weekend off this weekend which is great because I am shattered and could do with the rest 🙂 but we are back on it the following weekend and we’re gigging every weekend through Feb so busy times ahead! I know we are only a covers band but it makes me feel a little like a rockstar for a while!

I’m an avid article reader and I found the following article about starting your own band and having a career in music; see what you think…………..

There are few things more thrilling then standing on a stage playing an instrument or singing your heart out, while watching the fans below having a great time — especially if a lot of them are of the opposite sex!
Yes, starting a rock band can be a lot of fun AND it can be profitable, if you follow a few easy steps while getting started.
1. The first part is getting together a group of like-minded people who want to play music together. Make sure the other people have similar interests, morals and don’t smell too bad. You will be spending a lot of time with them, so you should get a long well with each other or ……………
You can see the rest of the article by Clicking Here!

Now on to “The Guitar Suite

This site offers a collection of EBooks that are written to help you learn to play guitar and improve your skills; but is learning from an EBook an effective way of learning? Well I have had a look at a couple of the EBooks on offer and have to admit that they are written really well. They are easy to read and easy to follow which I wasn’t expecting; I have to confess I was expecting something complicated and ‘wordy’

I tried to put myself back to when I was first learning to play and tried to decide if everything was explained clearly for a beginner and actually I found that it was. The author, Adam Long, has clearly spent a lot of time working with beginners and honing what needs to be said to get the lessons and message across.

There are 3 EBooks in total in the site; the main “Guitar Suite EBook” is priced at $27 but if you click through now you can grab it a greatly reduced price of Only $9.95 which is a hell of a saving and an excellent price for the info contained.
Or…………….. there’s another special offer on where you can buy all three of Adam’s EBooks at a hugely reduced price of Just $29.95 – the normal price for all three would be $99 so you can save yourself a massive $69!

Now, is this better than a site that has video lessons on it such as Jam Play? No, honestly it isn’t because videos are easy to watch, easy to rewind and keep going over stuff until you’ve got it. But video lessons aren’t always available, at least with this product you can print it off and take it anywhere to read and practice with. And the added bonus with this is the price, you won’t find a site with video lessons on for a starting price of $9.95 or a whole package for $29.95 because most sites with video lessons will have a recurring monthly fee!

If you’re a beginner and need to start gathering your skills then this is a good product to start with and then you can move on to video lessons etc when you have got the basics under control which will save you a shed load of money!
So CLICK HERE to head over to The Guitar Suite and grab your copies before Adam has to put the price up (because he will!)

Good luck!

Remember to put your email in the box on the left of the screen so that I can drop you an email each time I update my blog and I’ll send you 2 great EBooks for FREE just for signing up!

Until next time,
Remember to live life and have fun!

P.S. Adam will be putting the price up soon so you need to head over there right now to grab you copies of the EBooks at the current amazingly reduced price!
Grab your copy now by CLICKING HERE or you might just miss out!


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