Tattoo Software – Really?

Hi there wherever you are around the world!

Welcome to the Monday blog and thanks for taking the time to have a look at what I’ve got to say! Today I’m going to review a site called Tattoo Director that offers software for creating your own tattoo designs. Now if you’re as sceptical as I am you’ll be thinking something along the lines of “tattoo designs from software? You’re kidding right?”
Well no, I’m not kidding and actually I was quite surprised when I had a trial run of the software; if you want to have a look at it Click Here Now.

First I have to say that at the moment I’m quite envious; 2 of my friends are off to get some new ink work done this week and I’m not! To me tattoos are very addictive and when I see someone else getting work done and I’m not I always get a little edgy! My next design will be going down my left forearm and I can’t wait to get it done but I’m just struggling with time and money at the moment – but hey, aren’t we all!!

So let me introduce you to Tattoo Director, the website itself is very well written although some of the pictures look a bit fake! That’s why I was a bit sceptical but I had a trial of the software and was actually quite surprised.

It’s easy to use and has tons of designs that you can use to create your own unique ink work, you can then size it to what you want, print it off and take it along to your tattoo artist and get the work done – it really is that simple.

However, I have to say that from my own personal point of view I prefer a hand drawn piece, I’m no artist so wouldn’t dream of doing one myself but I would expect to be able to take an idea to a tattoo artist and have them draw up something for me. I might even take pics from the net and have something put together so I guess this software could come in handy in that sense but I wouldn’t use it for a finished work!

All that aside; if you’re looking to get a whole bunch of work done or you and a group of friends are all looking for new, individual designs then this really could work for you and it will stop you trawling the net trying to get design ideas.
Take a look at the website now by Clicking Here and see what it has to offer for you;you might just be surprised and be able to create your own unique design.

Right, I’ve got to get off as I need to go and review a couple more sites that I’ll be bringing you soon.
Until next time remember to have fun and enjoy life!
P.S. make sure you head over and check out Tattoo Director by Clicking Here as it might just be the answer to your design searching!


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