New Music Economy

Hi there,
It’s music Thursday and today I’m bringing you a fantastic Free Webinar for Indie Music Artists that will show you how to succeed with your music! You can register for it by Clicking Here!

It’s been an interesting week, my new dog is settling in nicely although he’s not too keen when I turn on my practice amp, plug in the guitar and belt about! Maybe it’s my choice of songs (I’m ignoring my other half saying it’s my playing!)
I’m in a covers band and this week we’ve been learning Keep the Faith by Bon Jovi! If you’re interested in learning this song here’s the best Tab I’ve found for it:

Keep the Faith Tab
And here’s the best video lesson I’ve found for the solo!
Keep the Faith Video Lesson for the solo

I’m a Bon Jovi fan (don’t laugh!) so I’ve really enjoyed learning this song, fairly easy rhythm parts with a good solo to have to master; always love a bit of a challenge!

We’re playing at a pub this Saturday that we’ve not played in before which is always interesting as you’re never quite sure what reaction you’re going to get. I always look forward to playing live as it’s the best bit about being in a band but have to admit I’m always nervous about a new venue!

Right, let’s look at this Free Webinar to get your music sold!!!

The site we’re looking at today is called ‘New Music Economy’ and they hold regular webinars giving away some amazing information. There is always a selection of dates to choose from that will suit your diary so there’s no need to miss out – and missing out would be an crime!
I watched the webinar (even though I’m not an Indie Music Artist I wanted to make sure it delivered for you!) and I have to say that the info on offer is first rate; below is a brief list of what’s on offer:

Why Spending A Lot Of Money On A Website Is STUPID (I’ll Show You Why)
How You Can Get Contact Details From Every Person You Meet So You Can Keep Them Updated (Extremely Important)
How You Can Make Plenty Of Money Without Ever Signing A Record Deal (All The Big Bands Did This)
How To Sell Your Music Directly To Your Fans Cutting Out The Middle Man (Tons More Money In Your Pocket)
Why You Should STOP Giving Your Music Away For Free Immediately (You’ll Be Amazed How Well This Works)
How To Keep Your Name In Front Of All Your Fans and Get Them To Pass Your Name Around For You (Viral At It’s Finest)
How By Doing This You Can Get The Better Shows, Better Time Slots and More Money! (Starting Almost Instantly)

Now what would you pay to get that sort of info? $100? $250? $500? Well you can get all of that info for F!REE, nothing, zero, zilch! Is there a better deal for Indie Music Artists right now? If there is I haven’t found it! So do yourself a favour; get yourself over to the site now, check out the available times and register for one that suits you. They’ll send you an email to confirm your registration and then another one 15 minutes before the webinar begins so you’ve got no excuses!
Click Here Now to Register!

Missing out on this info could mean missing out on sky-rocketing your career! So click through now and get registered!

Until next time
Live life and have fun!

P.S. It won’t be long before they can’t afford to give this info away for Free so get registered before they start charging; my betting this info is worth $297 when they do start charging!
Click Here Now to ensure you get it for Free!


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